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Darwin Platform Group to start Banking business in 9 Countries

Press Release: July 26, 2019

Darwin Platform Group to start Banking business in 9 Countries - Ajay Harinath Singh

Mumbai Head Quartered Darwin Platform Group of Companies has announced its foray into the international financial sector with the best global practices. Initially, the Group would start its banking business in nine countries.

Announcing the entry into the banking business, Ajay Harinath Singh, Chairman, Darwin Group of Companies said, “ We would be starting our banking business in 9 countries soon. Our associate company's Russian Direct Investment Fund and Rothschild & Company will spearhead the banking services. For the first phase, the Group will start the banking services in the countries where it is already operating in other sectors.”

The Group will start its banking business in Russia, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, China, India, UAE, and the USA. The licensing process and other legal formalities are being finalized and the banking operations would start soon.

Singh said, “ For banking business, our global geographical spread is strategically planned. It will help the group for further expansion in times to come. Since we are getting political, policy and financial support from the UK, Germany, and Russia, hence our focus would be on Europe and gradually we will further expand.”

Darwin Platform Group operates in several sectors including Finance, Banking, Agri business, Mining, Logistics, pharmaceuticals, Shipping, Realty, Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Education.

Ajay Singh is the President of the Singh & Sons Holdings PLC and the Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies. Singh had worked at the Kraftos, a Sales firm in London, before establishing the Mumbai–based sales marketing outsourcing firm, Cobra PLC. He launched the Darwin Platform Group of Companies in 20110-11.

The Darwin Group

Darwin Platform Group of companies, headed and controlled by Singh, is a Business House that operates in 11 countries, while Singh & Sons Holdings PLC controls a number of shares in Rothschild banks elsewhere, including N M Rothschild & Sons in London & Israel. Singh & Sons Holdings PLC entered into a co-operation agreement in the fields of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory and equity capital markets advisory in the food and agribusiness sectors.

It was believed that the move was intended to help Singh & Sons Holdings PLC gain access to a wider capital pool, enlarging its presence in East European markets.

Singh & Sons Holdings PLC is the flagship of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies and controls the Rothschild Group’s banking activities including N M Rothschild & Sons. It has over 1200 employees. Directors of the company include Eric de Rothschild, Robert

de Rothschild, and Ajay Harinath Singh.

Singh has very friendly relations with the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin and many European leaders. His “cooler” and “more business-like” relationship with Germany’s current Chancellor, Angela Merkel has been developed over a period of time due to mutual trust and professional abilities.

Apart from the N M Rothschild & Sons group members, Singh is also a good friend and in business with Ali Akbar Salehi, an Iranian Diplomatic Icon and Foreign Minister. He shares strong bond with Evelyn Robert De Rothschild & Nathaniel Philip Rothschild.

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