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Darussalam: New and Exciting Book Releases

Press Release: September 25, 2020

Darussalam is pleased to announce its latest in-house publications. Take a pick from the six new books released this season. We have a new book for everyone. The Darussalam research center after painstaking effort brings you 2 new Urdu publications and 4 new English ones.


New Urdu Book Releases:


Darussalam has recently published two new Urdu books by the name of “Seerat e Hassan-O-Hussain (RA)” and “Don’t Be Disappointed”. 


Don’t Be Disappointed: 

This book written by Syed Taj Ahmed is a gift for humanity. The book beautifully explains how disappointment is considered a sin in Islam and is highly discouraged for Muslims. Instead, a Muslim and believer should have faith and trust in his Lord, Allah Almighty. The book contains beautiful illustrations and is bound to encourage Muslims to adopt a positive outlook in life. 


Buy the Book Now: https://buff.ly/344DqgW


Seerat e Hassan O Hussain (RA):

An amazing biography on the grandsons of our beloved prophet (PBUH) written by Syed Hassan Hussaini. It delves into the life of both Hazrat Hassan and Hussain (RA). The book covers all aspects of their lives and by the means of interesting stories and incidents. Reading this book is sure to increase your love for the prophets grandsons and give you a glimpse of early Islam and moral characters. 


Buy the Book Now: https://buff.ly/3kKIm10


New English Book Releases:

A wide range of English books has been released that cater to different ages. Three of the books have been written especially for children whereas the others are suitable for all ages.


The Story of the Mango & The Story of the Pomegranate:

These books have been by Dr. Tariq Riaz for young children. It's ideal for readers between the ages of 5-7. The books mention the benefits and advantages of both fruits through colorful illustrations and drawings. Each book contains valuable lessons and morals for the young readers. Makes for an ideal bedtime story and gift for younger siblings and children.


Buy the Book Now:

The Story of the Mango: https://buff.ly/3j5V360

The Story of the Pomegranate: https://buff.ly/3j4b3FA


Assurance of Paradise by Giving Charity:

Another wonderful book for children written by the notable Islamic scholar Abdul Malik Mujahid himself. An easy to read book for children that teaches them about the virtue of charity and the gift of giving to others. The book uses colorful pictures and illustrations to make the book more appealing to young readers. 


Buy the Book Now: https://buff.ly/2HmnxKP


The Muslim Parent / Teacher Manual:

A new release by Molvi Abdul Aziz written especially for adults, whether they may be parents or teachers. Both are tasked with the huge responsibility of the upbringing of children and raising them to be aware of our beloved deen. It's not an easy task and for this exact purpose this guide has been written to help people in this task so that we can all raise a pious Muslim generation.


Buy the Book Now: https://buff.ly/2RZ8Lfe


40 Hadith on Prayer:

Abu Hamza Abdul Khaliq Siddiqui has compiled 40 beautiful hadiths on prayer in this book. A great resource for all. Easy to read Arabic hadiths with English translations. Hadiths from the foundation of Islam along with the Quran. This book will make an excellent addition to anyone looking to learn more about the sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).


Buy the Book Now: https://buff.ly/3j3zV0m


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