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Dana Burtin is Celebrating His Birthday Like a True Celebrity

Press Release: July 16, 2020

Dana Burtin’s birthday is on July 18th making him the zodiac sign of cancer. With Dana Burtin’s fantastic year as an 18 year old, he accomplished many milestones that cemented his name as a true artist, writer, producer, social media personality, CEO, and motivator. Dana Burtin won rapper of the year, two film festivals for best lyricist, and published two books called: The Early Poems of Dana Burtin: 2018 - 2019 Collection and Racism & My Personal ‘Mind Over Matter’ Story, which is currently charting on the Amazon sellers ranking system. 


In addition, with the traumatic experiences highlighting the overall 2020 year, Dana Burtin has made songs that discuss these events in an uplifting and professional manner. His song “Heroes of 2020 is a covid-19 inspirational song that has been affecting millions of people around the world. His song is released through his artist moniker, LyricalGenes, where he reminds everyone that doctors, nurses, and many more are willingly putting themselves in harm's way just to keep us safe. “Heroes of 2020” instills hope, reassurance, and appreciation for those people who are making a difference. Apart from this, with the death of George Floyd, Dana Burtin made the song “Our Mansion” and published his book Racism & My Personal ‘Mind Over Matter’ Story, to address the racial inequality occurring in America. Through the teachings and constant support of Dana Burtin’s mother and grandmother, he learned how to harness his frustration to advocate for a specific cause and out-groups of society, in this case, black people. Burtin’s song tribute shows support for the protesters while his book advocates and gives examples as to how the oppressed are treated compared to their oppressors.


Moreover, Dana Burtin will be adding new items to his family owned CloZet Outlet online thrift store. The store will see new summer clothing for men, women, girls, and boys to show off their style in a creative and stylish manner.


Furthermore, Dana Burtin’s self owned entertainment agency and record label Boyz II Business Entertainment based out of Ohio, is currently working with aspiring musicians where they have the opportunity to co-write with LyricalGenes and other mainstream artists to establish a career in the music industry.


What will Dana Burtin, also known as LyricalGenes, do at nineteen years old? Well, every year he tops his own accomplishments with something more innovative and acclaimed by the public. Burtin enjoys his careers in music, writing, philanthropy, and inventing which makes him happy in life. One can only stay tuned to watch Dana Burtin achieve new heights, help others, and stay on his road of financial success and prosperity, while remaining self-effacing in regards to his iconic earnings.

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