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Dallas to Host Inaugural Information Security Conference for Banking and Finance Professionals

Press Release: May 25, 2015

Dallas, Texas – The Global Cyber Security Financial Summit (GCSFS), will be held at the Intercontinental Dallas from June 20 – 29, 2015.

This inaugural event aspires to serve as a platform for industry professionals, academics, researchers, consultants and policy makers to converge, interact and discuss critical information security issues and policies, with special focus on the banking and financial industry.

In addition to the 2 days conference (Jun 23-24) with over 14 presentations, WCSFS is uniquely designed to comprise 9 pre and post conference hands-on workshops across the event days.

The current confirmed panel of speakers comprises well-respected industry experts including the likes of Sean Bodmer (security researcher/analyst and co-author of several security books); Jayson Street (well-known security expert specializing in social engineering); Amir Lakhani (Security Consultant aka Dr Chaos); Georgia Weidman (Security researcher and author of Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking); Joseph McCrahy (Top level penetration tester and security consultant); Joe Sanders (Senior IT executive); Phillip Wylie (Information security consultant – Verizon); David Coker (Attorney and cyber security expert); Malcolm Rieke (information security consultant); and Tim Pierson (world renowned cloud and virtualization expert, also the Conference Chair for the event).

Workshop topics include key subjects such as Fighting Financial Fraud, Banking in Cyberspace, Social Engineering, Effective Penetration Testing, Preparing for Large Scale Data Breaches, among others.

“The objective of the event is geared towards creating a platform for like-minded professionals in the banking and financial industry to discuss ideas on protection services,” said Tim Pierson, President of Data Sentry Inc and Conference Chair for WCSFS. “With a stellar speaker lineup and well-designed workshops, we believe that this event will serve as an excellent platform for any banking and finance executives to obtain key knowledge and updates, which will enable them to better protect their organizations. And for this inaugural event, we are proud to announce to have the support and guaranteed participation of over 50 high-level executives from some of the top banks in Western Africa.”

GCSFS 2015 is wholly produced and organized by Data-Sentry Inc, an Information Technology (IT) Security consulting firm based in Dallas.

For more information, including a complete program, presentation synopses, and registration details, or sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please visit www.gcsfs.com or email manager@gcsfs.com

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