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Cycle Business Directory and News - Interview with Mike Walters - Sales Director of Merrill Dynamic Ltd.

Press Release: October 09, 2015

What services does Merrill Dynamic offer?
We offer high quality Telephone and Email based - Lead Generation, Market Research and Business Introductions. These services are delivered both domestically within the United Kingdom and also internationally for companies through out Europe, USA and Canada seeking to begin selling or improve their sales to any of 120 countries globally.

What is the secret of your international success?
Above all it is Experience. With an average of 11 years experience in international B2B Marketing, Sales and Research our team is immersed in the business and social norms of each territory we operate in. We seamlessly develop opportunities for our clients from country to country just as smoothly as we do in the UK. Merrill Dynamic also places very high stock by excellence; we expect the highest standards from our team in every step of our process so the cumulative result is always of course: Excellence! We have a highly educated and experienced team that is able to hold peer to peer conversations with CEO’s of global companies, backed by sophisticated tools, and carefully optimized systems that are all geared towards delivering sales for our clients while putting across the best image of their brand at all times.

What is the sort of data that you collect when you pick up new business news?
Our researchers have their ear to the ground globally; we identify purchasing trends in the constantly swinging world of international trade. For example we recently identified that India will be importing up to 97% of gasoline in the coming years – that information can impact the decisions of companies that supply gasoline and auxiliary products like tanks, pumps, transport, safety equipment, insurance and even safety manuals. Indian imports of Egyptian onions also increased from 567 tonnes to 35,000 tonnes this year- if you make onion production equipment then you would be wise to look towards the Egyptian market suddenly flush with cash to spend on improving everything from machinery to factory floors. The Macro picture is only the first step of our service, the next step is providing our clients with a route to capitalize on that information, that’s where our global database, research team and unique capabilities come into play – we are able to connect the dots between an umbrella-view headline and increased sales by finding the channels e.g. local distributors and agents, researching the local market to find out who wants to spend money, market our clients to those contacts through local industry specific advertising, send them localized marketing packs, and directly ask them in a professional manner to buy from our clients.

What kinds of business opportunities are there for UK companies?
There are huge opportunities for UK companies internationally. We are an expensive source of hard technologies like machinery and tools. This is due to the strength of the British Pound, low levels of foreign language skills, a perceived aloofness because of the Anti-EU lobbyists and generally our competition in this field such as the Germans and Americans do a great job in delivering affordable industry leading hard technologies. However we are becoming world leaders when it comes to soft technologies like research and design, creativity, consulting, process improvement, advice and guidance, solutions, finance, communications and IT amongst others. We are also extremely good at promoting our Brand Britain, the Germans excelled at this for a decade and a half through their Made In Germany initiative, today the Indians lead the way with Make In India – over 35% of governmental marketing for business globally is carried out by the Indians but Britain is boldly carving out it’s niche right across the world from Baltimore to Tehran, thanks to our proactive government.

What makes you different from the competition?
Merrill Dynamic stands heads and shoulders above any company remotely in our field. The main differentiator is that we offer a full service approach comprising of market research, data acquisition, marketing and sales lead generation whereas other companies primarily focus on advertising as solution. This hit and miss approach can be costly not just in terms of advertising costs but because of missed opportunities to capitalize on hot purchasing trends. We have extensive experience, deep knowledge of our sectors, a first class team of highly educated researchers and the most sophisticated tools in our industry. In addition to our operational excellence, we are also a creative and a forward thinking bunch! We innovate and lead the way because to stand still is to regress.

Other plans for the future?
We have an all-encompassing goal to be the worlds largest export consultancy by revenue and client retention. To achieve this target we have to deliver impressive results every single time for our clients. This goal also means that we have to always actively seek out opportunities to add value for our clients.

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