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Cyber Host Pro LTD – The Best Company Offering Dedicated Servers UK

Press Release: August 20, 2015

Cyber Host Pro LTD is a professional hosting service that helps websites to go live on the internet within a few minutes. The company provides different hosting options from which the clients can choose one depending on website requirements. These include dedicated servers UK and Cloud VPS servers. The aim of the company is to make websites accessible to audience. Along with getting the website live on World Wide Web, the company handles all the aspects of the page and ensures that it is up and running on the internet. It sees to it that the website is functioning well without any interruptions or technical issues.

In dedicated hosting, the client gets one complete physical server. This ensures better reliability and security as there is no one else to share the server. The performance of the website hosted on dedicated server is very good. The company provides the latest servers that guarantee the best performance. It uses the most up-to-date server technology. The company offers round-the-clock service so that clients can get in touch with them at any time of the day. For dedicating hosting, the company offers four packages. These packages vary in the aspects of processor type and RAM usage. It also differs in terms of hard disk space and monthly bandwidth. It provides Windows, Plesk, CPanel, and Cloud Linux licenses. All the dedicated servers are owned and managed by the company. They are equipped with Dell DRAC cards which allow to immediately reboot the server from the control panel.

Cyber Host Pro LTD makes use of the latest hardware in UK cloud VPS servers. If you have extra space, consider reselling it wherein web space can be purchased and sold to clients to earn profits. It includes fully automated server provisioning. This package also includes backup and recovery. It also consists of 1Gbit uplink to internet and has ultrafast SSD. The plans vary in terms of CPU, RAM, SSD disk space, and bandwidth. The client can pay either monthly or yearly.

The company offers cheap reseller web hosting UK. It provides affordable packages to clients giving them an opportunity to earn high profits by purchasing the package at low prices. It is possible for the client to order, provision, and manage everything from WHMCS. It also offers license for Plesk for Windows or Linux. All the servers are maintained regularly and optimised to perform at the highest speed. To know more about the company’s offerings, visit https://www.cyberhostpro.com/.

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