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Cut Costs and improve efficiency with a virtual office front

Press Release: December 14, 2009

The recession has hit many businesses hard. Now more than ever companies need support and cost effective ways of managing their business. One company which is taking the initiative to help businesses cut costs and improve the way they work is officefront.

officefront has been providing virtual office services for almost 10 years and has seen the industry evolve into what it is today. They have experience working across most industries and with companies of all sizes.

This wealth of experience has enabled them to launch their New Year, New Growth initiative. Peter Radcliffe, founder of officefront had this to say about the campaign. Our main purpose has always been to help other businesses focus on their core competences, improve their business image and customer service levels. We believe our initiative will help them cut costs, enhance their business processes and get through the recession.

At the centre of this initiative is the promise that your business will be provided with a Quality Service You Can Trust. In a time when so many things seem unstable and uncertain, this is a welcomed guarantee. officefront have also realised that the recession has made it very difficult for businesses to invest in themselves and that financial stability is uncertain. As a result they are allowing new clients to pick and choose the service they require with flexible packages. There are no long term contracts making it far less risky for businesses to commit. As well as this all of the ongoing costs have been reduced in favour of companies with limited budgets.

officefronts prices are amongst the lowest on the market, but their key benefit is the flexibility and professionalism they provide customers. Its obvious they have made many businesses happy, by the high number of glowing testimonials and case studies found on their site. The New Year, New Growth initiative is a commitment to help other businesses through this testing time with flexibility and a solely client centric approach. Its available now, so for more information visit Virtual Office or call 0800-019-15-39.

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