Press Release: September 25, 2018

Are you a SaaS development service provider? If so, then what is the most challenging task of your software as a service distribution model? Is it to revive your brain-dead customer base or to manage the stock market? Well, there's something worse than these which most of the SaaS providers aren't stressed about, and it's to keep the ‘Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)' as low as possible.

According to Steve Olenski's article in the Forbes, "Customer acquisition is an expensive process, however, with proper tips, you can lower your CAC." If your CAC turns out to be higher than expected, then your business is in a serious need of salvage. Hire SaaS experts from some Top SaaS Development Company to keep your business revenue on the right track.
Incorporate the following tips in your SaaS distribution model to reduce the customer acquisition cost:

1. Identify & Target Ideal Patrons

Lots of SaaS companies and Software Development Company waste millions in enticing the ideal personas of their business. As a result, their businesses sink, and their competitors gain the benefit. To keep your CAC minimal firstly identify who your target customer is, for example, if you sell SaaS for HRs, then your ideal patrons will be in:
Large organization- The CIO
Medium scale organization- The Head HR
Start-up- The CEO
Once you have a list of your prospects, then it's a quick litmus test for you to execute your marketing campaigns.

2. Use Automation

Marketing automation software is a boon to SaaS Development Services companies. It can leverage the following benefits:
• Increase the rate of conversion of leads into sales.
• Improve the prospect targeting through emails.
• Appropriately align your marketing and sales team s.
• Improve your measuring and reporting
• Experts suggest that without marketing software SaaS companies juggle growth because they waste their resources in nurturing unnecessary leads.

3. Reduce Dependence on Paid Ads

The returns of paid advertising are linear. Once your sales funnel is optimized, and your marketing strategy is reliant on paid ads, then you cannot make big reductions in your CAC. To drive down your CAC, start investing in owned media which consists of your info graphics, magazines, blog, e-guides/whitepapers, research reports, content, and website.

4. Cut down Customer Churn

Undoubtedly, the cost of grabbing new customers is always higher than the cost of up selling an existing one. When your business lacks keeping a hold on existing customers, then the profit costs do not stay at your advantage. Use cross-marketing and up selling opportunities to retain existing customers and build a trust base for new customers.
A recent study conducted by Entrepreneur India proves that on an average, marketers were able to retarget their potential patrons at the cost of less than a $

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