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Press Release: September 24, 2020

Jacob never saw the benefits of moving his garments business online. With offline transactions growing through B2B contacts, he never focused on online business or his website or an app. But all of this changed when he had to move online forcibly due to the pandemic.

"With ample volume in offline transactions, we never really wanted to focus on online stuff as to not get overwhelmed so we didn't get an app or even a website built. Our Facebook page was basically defunct. But once the pandemic hit and we were shut in for lockdowns we started to understand the importance of online presence"

Jacob jumped into online marketing and got a custom app developed from IT Path Solutions that allowed him to sell his garments online and offer tryouts based on VR/AR technology.

According to Krish, IT Path solutions sales head, the best solution for any client is specific, custom, and incorporates the best business offline practices into online methods and channels.

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