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Currency Exchange is the key when purchasing overseas property.

Press Release: March 02, 2010

In our global world there is a constant flow of migrants, expatriates, retirees and those returning home all looking for help in either selling or buying property overseas, predominantly in a currency foreign to their own.

Whether you are buying, selling or investing in property abroad, the avenue you choose for your foreign exchange transfers is very important in order to maximise the value of the currency you're sending which will ultimately save you a great deal of money. SendMoneyHome is pleased to recommend currency specialists who can source you the cheapest, quickest and most cost-effective solutions for international payments for overseas properties.

Through our quick search tool, located at http;//www.sendmoneyhome.org, we have helped thousands of people find the best deal and save money on buying and selling currency for international property purposes.

For example:
Having sold their home in the UK Mr and Mrs Raymond had £325,000 with which to start a new life in Australia

The Raymonds approached SendMoneyHome and were introduced to an FX Broker who was able to exchange their £325,000 into AUD$553,356.

Had she used Barclays Bank, she would only have received AUD$522,468.

Therefore the Raymond's received an extra AUD$30,888 courtesy of SendMoneyHome.

This represents a colossal saving of £17,837, money that would have gone directly into their bank's profits.

There are a number of advantages in approaching a currency specialist for your foreign exchange needs. The foreign currency specialists that we list are able to offer:

Far better exchange rates than you would get from a bank

No Fees or Commission

A segregated client account to protect your funds

Security against exchange rate fluctuation

Hedging your currency exposure

Fast international payments

A dedicated account manager who will work towards your requirements

Conversion into a range of currencies (e.g. Euros, US Dollars, Sterling, Swiss Franc.....)

Spot, Forward and Limit Orders

SendMoneyHome strongly advises you not to take the very first option you stumble across, investigate the different money transfer options to find lower fees and superior exchange rates. Our website allows to to compare a number of foreign exchange providers in order for you to secure the very best deal when looking at purchasing or selling a property abroad.

www.sendmoneyhome.org and its sister site www.sendfundsoverseas.com independently compare the best value services offered by Money Transfer Operators and FX brokers - every provider listed on either site has been vetted by the company and is fully regulated.
SendMoneyHome is always eager to stress that checking the regulatory credentials of a foreign exchange specialist is imperative. Security is the leading priority when transferring funds and using a reputable dealer will ensure that the beneficiary ultimately receives their money. As a basic bottom-line, ensure that the FX business is regulated by HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Services Business.

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