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Crystal Mind Online Counseling Platform is ready to Launch

Press Release: February 25, 2021

Crystal Mind an Online counseling & Online psychologist counseling therapy platform is ready to launch in soon. Platform developed by  maestrosoft internet technologies a leading internet company in Bangalore. Crystal Mind features over 100 therapists including counselors , psychologists, psychiatrists ,  wellness coaches and corporate trainers. Crystal Mind provides therapy session using zoom video conferencing application.

Online Counseling therapy is in great demand due to pandemic . Millions of people suffering from mental issues like stress, phobia, substance use disorder and depression issues. about 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported such symptoms. Studies and researches showing that online therapy is of great importance in coming days.

After  pandemic, online therapy and therapy apps are Booming  . With the stresses of the pandemic, companies offering mental health services through apps and desktop websites. In India Maestrosoft Internet Technologies a leading internet company developed a platform Crystal mind a unique platform featuring over 100 therapists across the country. The platform provides counseling therapy, psychotherapy, wellness coaching and helps find nearest psychologists in your home town.

The Parent company Maestrosoft announced that it will launch the platform soon as possible in Bangalore India's  tech capital .CEO told during the a press meeting that the platform is highly secured and provides best therapists in India.

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