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Cryptocurrency Exchange Ethx.co Expands to the U.S.

Press Release: February 08, 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have added the USA to the list of countries where ethx - global crypto-fiat exchange is now live!

Ethx.co a global cryptocurrency exchange to fiat exchange and a blockchain suite.

Crypto exchange Ethx originally launched their operations during 2017 and rapidly climbed the ladder to success, by becoming one of India’s leading crypto exchange platforms. Although, during the fall of 2018, the Reserve Bank of India issued a decree banning the country’s banking institutions from servicing the accounts of various crypt companies. This decision lead to Ethx having to suspend their activities in India and relocate their business to the United Kingdom.

Currently, the exchange is seeking to expand its services to the United States and develop a close connection with traders and crypto enthusiasts.

Users would be able to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies through their credit/debit cards and bank transfer with the simple user interface with multiple levels of security from the web to infrastructure, including offsite cold storage to secure their assets from the USA as well.

Ethx primary focus is to make blockchain accessible to masses. Our service offering provides solutions for enterprises as well. The value we bring to our users/enterprises:

• Ethx.co – global cryptocurrency exchanges
• Ethx Sherlock – An email verification tool for enterprises
• Ethx.me - A simple, fast, effortless and free way to share all your crypto wallet addresses.
• Ethx Data Block - Users would be able to contribute a part of their computing power from their laptops, mobiles, and servers to a central network and enterprises would be able to host their data and application on this network. For every resource the user contributes, they would be rewarded in cryptocurrencies.
• Ethx Ninja - A security suite for enterprises that would enable them to find and fix critical security issues.

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