Press Release: January 02, 2018

Australian Cruise Group (ACG), the go-to luxury dining cruise operator on Sydney Harbour,has announced its premium Australia Day cruisesfor 2018.
ACG has published its list of luxury lunch cruises operating on Australia Day, for the coming year. Australia Day on the harbour is jam-packed with events that commemorate the country’s National Day. ACG’s Australia Day Cruises offer ringside seats to popular events like the colourful Ferrython Race, the Tug and Yacht Ballet, the Royal Australian Air Force Flyover, the Australia Day Harbour Parade, the Tall Ships Race and the Australia Day Regatta.
Says Ram Warrier, Operations Manager (ACG), “We are constantly evolving and coming up with interesting cruising experiences for our guests. With Australia Day round the corner, we’ve introduced four cruising experiences on four unique vessels.”

Australia Day ClearviewGlass Boat Lunch Cruises

ACG has two options for celebrating Australia Day on its Clearview brand of glass boatcruises – the 4-hourClearview (Blue Room) Lunch Cruise and the 5-hour Clearview Glass Boat Lunch Cruise. Both cruises offer four-course lunch menus, specific to each vessel, and give its guests the opportunity to enjoy 360°views of Sydney Harbour and the Australia Day harbour events.
Both glass boats are unique in style and design. The Blue Room has an all-glass dining deck with well-appointed interiors and a Sky Deck with a retractable roof. Whereas the Clearview, has three entertainment decks that include a mezzanine cocktail lounge and a semi-open Sky Deck.

Australia Day Magistic Buffet Lunch Cruise

The Magistic Two is a multi-million dollar catamaran and its 3.45-hour Australia Day cruise includes a freshly prepared buffet lunchwith selection of hot & cold dishes, desserts and salads, as well as a selection of beers, wines and soft drinks. The cruise offers uninterrupted views of the Ferrython, the RAAF Flyover, Navy Search and Rescue and other events on Sydney Harbour.

Australia Day Showboat Lunch Cruise

Here’s an Australia Day Cruise on an authentic paddlewheeler. The 3.45-hour Showboat Lunch Cruise,offers a deluxe, freshly prepared buffetthat includes a selection of hot & cold dishes, desserts and salads.The Sydney Showboat II has wrap-around verandas and large cathedral windows treating guests to spectacular views of the Australia Day events. Beverages can be purchased from the fully licensed bar on board.
With innovative and customer-focused service, all ACG vessels define luxury like no other, and stand true to the promise of offering deluxe dining experiences, to all on board.

About Australian Cruise Group (ACG)

Australian Cruise Group (ACG) is Sydney’s premier cruise company and largest dining cruise operator on Sydney Harbour. With a stellar reputation accrued over 30 years of experience, ACG owns, operates and manages 5 luxury vessels on Sydney Harbour under three brands: Magistic Cruises, Sydney Showboats and Clearview Cruises.
ACG offers multiple sightseeing, lunch, dinner and event cruises on Sydney Harbour. Also, operatedby ACG are Sydney Harbour event cruises including Australia Day Cruises, Valentine’s Day Cruises, Vivid Sydney Cruises, Christmas Day Cruises, Boxing Day Cruises & the world-renowned New Year’s Eve Cruises.


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