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Croydon Musician Will-Powerz Joins the Fight to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Press Release: May 05, 2020


Croydon Musician Will-Powerz Joins the Fight to Raise Mental Health Awareness

The rapper/singer will be donating all funds raised by forthcoming EP ‘I’m Fine...’ during mental health week

Croydon, London - Musicians from SE London have made a huge impact on the world in recent years. Rappers like Stormzy and Dave have been particularly prominent in recent times, and Croydon is fast becoming the hub of urban music in the UK. Will-Powerz is a rapper and singer with indie record label Latent’s Records, and his forthcoming EP ‘I’m Fine...’ is set for release on 18 May – the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. The project is all about his personal experience with depression with a powerful message for anyone with similar problems, and Will-Powerz has pledged all funds raised during that week to mental health charity The Mental Health Foundation.

The project will be launching on all major platforms as well as the Latent’s Records Bandcamp page. Will-Powerz aims to combine a fresh sound with a powerful message in ‘I’m Fine...’, all of which was written during a period of extreme difficulty with a pre-existing depressive condition. It is experience that makes this project important:

  • Experience as a student of music
  • Experience as a musician in his own right
  • Experience of living with depressive illness

The knowledge and skill this experience has provided Will are what is of value to others. It will resonate with those suffering from depression. It will inspire those who love creativity and an adventurous approach to music. And the overall message of being open about feelings and focusing on getting through hard times is relevant to everyone. This is why Will-Powerz has chosen Mind as the recipient of the funds raised during Mental Health Awareness Week.

The UK has a serious problem with mental health. Will-Powerz himself has said “People like me struggle to get across to people what it’s like to live with depression”. One in four will be diagnosed with depression or anxiety every year, and this is likely to increase with the impact Covid-19 is having on society. The message of this Will-Powerz project is more important than ever before in 2020, and it is fitting that he is based in the London borough that has been the source of such incredible talent in recent times. His lyrics “Those mirrors of your doubt, believe they don’t reflect you / What you see as flaws, I see as merely details that perfect you” sum up his message quite elegantly.

Will-Powerz is a singer, rapper and producer with Latent’s Records. He has been active in the music scene since 2013, but is now returning after a lengthy hiatus to combat his depression. He is driven by a desire to help the world, and his music is the medium through which he aims to do it. The ‘I’m Fine...’ project has the potential to help countless listeners if it reaches their ears, and the more funds it raises during Mental Health Awareness Week, the greater the help for Mind will be. Let’s give the project some momentum to carry into the week of 18 May.


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