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Critical Issues Affecting Mankind: This Week’s Public Voting Results (November 20, 2018)

Press Release: November 20, 2018

Seven Billion Today (sevenbilliontoday.com), a global, digital platform, dedicated to raising awareness of the issues affecting mankind and the mobilization of humanity towards positive change has launched.

Featuring unbiased, fact-based news and a dynamic social media channel, Seven Billion Today’s worldwide Community lobbies governments and the U.N. with the results of daily news polls and votes.

Seven Billion Today’s Community believes that the seven billion people of the world can unite, and together, make positive change happen.

The most active votes over the last week on Seven Billion Today include:

1. What young people are saying about politics: Venezuela
75% think politicians and governments are failing society more than they are succeeding.

2. High rates of violence against women in Latin America
67% think Latin American governments do not do enough to protect women.

3. Rohingya repatriation to Myanmar will not begin on Thursday
80% think the Rohingya refugees should be repatriated.

4. Hong Kong lawyers demand explanation over journalist ban
50% think Hong Kong is losing its freedom of speech.

5. US bishops back transparency on abuse, but no guidelines yet
80% believe it is necessary to have some public national standards or guidelines for bishops dealing with abuse allegations.

6. Black Tunisians seek equality, fight racism
57% think law cannot end racism.

7. Do you think the world is focusing too much on advancing technology, and not enough on saving humanity itself?
64% of voters believe so.

8. Do you think the pharmaceutical industry deliberately refuse to cure diseases to maximise profits?
70% of participants say yes.

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