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Critical Issues Affecting Mankind: This Week’s Public Voting Results (January 22, 2019)

Press Release: January 22, 2019

Seven Billion Today (sevenbilliontoday.com), a global, digital platform, dedicated to raising awareness of the issues affecting mankind and the mobilization of humanity towards positive change has launched.

Featuring unbiased, fact-based news and a dynamic social media channel, Seven Billion Today’s worldwide Community lobbies governments and the U.N. with the results of daily news polls and votes.

Seven Billion Today’s Community believes that the seven billion people of the world can unite, and together, make positive change happen.

The most active votes over the last week on Seven Billion Today include:

1. Afghan Refugees Pin Hopes On Imran Khan
82% support the Pakistani government to grant citizenship to Afghan refugees born in Pakistan.

2. Indonesia President Releases Suspected Bali Bomb Mastermind
78% think President Joko’s early release of Abu Bakar Bashir from jail is politically motivated.

3. Indian Opposition Stages Massive Joint Rally To Oust Modi
80% think too much faith is placed in politicians, politics and policies to solve grassroot economic and social challenges.

4. Preoccupied Western Powers Fall Silent On Human Rights
87% think Western powers are increasingly lacking the capacity to defend human rights because of progressive pre-occupation with self-interests.

5. UN Warns Trade Disputes & Climate Threaten Global Economy
60% think politics and economics “make for good bedfellows”.

6. US Afghan Envoy & Taliban Talk Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops
80% feel Afghanistan’s people could enjoy improved opportunities for peace and stability without the West’s military presence in their country.

7. Does Donald Trump Appointing Charles Kupperman To Assist National Security Advisor, John Bolton, Worry Or Upset You?
50% are upset or worried about Charles M. Kupperman assisting National Security Advisor John Bolton.

8. Do You Think The Royals Are Good Value For British Tax-Payers
63% think the Royals are not good value for British tax-payers.

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About Company: Seven Billion Today is a new, global, digital platform, providing users with a reliable source for unbiased, fact-based news, in addition to a dedicated social network, Community. Users can get involved by sharing posts, images, videos, and creating polls related to topics or issues they are passionate about. Community allows individuals to connect and interact with like-minded people from across the world.

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