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Crime Thriller - New Beginning for Bristol Author

Press Release: August 17, 2015

After the success of his memoirs (Memoirs of Mr Average) based on the aches and pains of a sometimes misspent youth, Michael Lewis has turned his attention to writing a series of short stories based on a small time crook in a narrated book by the villain.

When asked, "Why write a crime thriller?", he quoted, "If its dirty, put it on the street where it belongs! After spending 30 years in the music business, it's only fair to say I have not led a sheltered life. All the experiences I have had, has helped me to write, although I must add that all the characters and events in my latest book are purely fictional".

The first instalment titled "Crackerjack" is due for release 5 September 2015 on the Amazon platform for download and hard copy and is aimed at adult readers.

Being a short story, Crackerjack moves swiftly along and doesn't ponder. The character becomes likeable to some extent and draws you into the seedy world of crime. Crackerjack is written in a fashion that you almost believe it to be true, and we look forward to the next instalment.

Info: www.melewis.info

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