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Credit and Customers, Today's Pain Point.

Press Release: June 14, 2020

While it is no secret every business needs a website, it is relatively unknown to most what a website can do for a business, enter Venturelogix.

A small business 10 years in the running at the time of this article has been selling its services of web design and web site hosting while touting the importance of building business credit.

Today thanks to business credit many businesses have been able to bridge the gap brought on by the pandemic with the ability to pay salaries, leases, and utilities while business slowed to a halt.

Long time Venturelogix client James Blant, CEO of Blant Management, "I was able to pay the rent, put gas in the car, and plan the restructure of my business to this new norm using the credit I established with Venturelogix, with that being said,  they’ve earned a customer for life!"

When asked what’s next for Venturelogix, owner Luis Rodriguez says he’s going to double down on his business, credit will always be important, but the largest pain point for businesses right now is the need for customers and Venturelogix as always will deliver. As a rule, I strive to be of value and let profit follow the trick for me is to stay aware of my client’s needs.

On June 1st, 2020, Venturelogix added a marketing plan called Grow. Business, this new plan targets social channels with slick new video ads.

On June 10th, 2020, Venturelogix added a partnered bank line of credit and several credit building companies delivered on PDF to new Venturelogix clients to aid in establishing business credit quickly.

For more information, visit Venturelogix at,  http://venturelogix.net  

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