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Creda Showers Teams up with www.comeletsbuy.com to Offer Significant Discounts on Electric Showers

Press Release: February 10, 2010

UK shoppers now have the group power through www.ComeLetsBuy.com to shop online for discounts on Creda Showers!

Group buying or Mob Shopping has been forecasted as the new growth market for 2010 and London-based www.ComeLetsBuy.com is already ahead of the pack.

In association with a number of other prestigious brands Creda Showers is delighted to be one of the first to join this exciting new way of offering discounts to customers. ComeLetsBuy allows Creda Showers to offer a way of giving higher discounts in the form of group purchases.

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom? With rising costs and pressures of the current economic climate, everyone wants to save that little bit extra.

Where do you go?

Launched currently for UK market only, ComeLetsBuy already has significant savings across a diverse range of goods on offer. Also known as The Collective Shopping Platform (tm), ComeLetsBuy facilitates shoppers to get together in groups to secure bulk discounts and by getting Creda Showers on board, upgrading your bathroom means that you can get luxury showers at affordable prices.

How does it work?

The idea is pretty simple and unique with two ways to save money:

Supplier driven deals:

* A supplier uploads their best group offers for an item
* Buyers join in to secure the price
* The more buyers that join, the greater the discount
* ComeLetsBuy differentiate further in the classical collective buying model by making the deal as an all inclusive price

Buyer driven deals:

* Say you want to buy a particular item but want to pay less than what you have found on the web
* The buyer then creates new demand on ComeLetsBuy
* More people with similar interest join the group to drive down the prices
* Suppliers see big groups as an opportunity to sell large quantities in one single transaction at discounted rates

ComeLetsBuy wants to differentiate itself as a platform whose foundation is built on reputable and trustworthy suppliers / manufacturers. Hence all suppliers using the platform are required to go through a compulsory verification by FSA regulated company, Moneybookers which is also their secure payment service provider for their suppliers.

With well established players like Creda Showers onboard, ComeLetsBuy is currently catering for Electronic Goods, Software, Household appliances, Home and Kitchen/Bathroom, Toys, Travel amongst other categories.

Creda Showers has listed a whole range of electric showers to choose from at bargain discounted rates, starting with significant savings the Creda AquaThermo electric shower. The partnership with Moneybookers is also granting to all users £5 cash back on their first transaction using eWallet, which is a secure and easy way of exchanging money online.

See the latest Creda Showers offers on ComeLetsBuy now...

About Creda Showers

When it comes to affordable style, thats modern and reliable, there is nothing like coming home to a Creda shower.

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