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CreatorsTV Presents Fashion Meets Meditation

Press Release: November 18, 2020


CreatorsTV will host Fashion Meets Meditation a livestream event via Zoom at 7pm EST, with special guest Sophie Jaffe. Due to the significant number of stressors the year 2020 has brought CreatorsTV decided to prioritize mental health, and created Fashion Meets Meditation. This is an event to relax, rejuvenate and put yourself first with health and wellness expert Sophie Jaffe.

“Looking at almost 200,000 wellness participants, showed that 5 of 7 health risks improved after one year.” Dr Steve Aldana, CEO of WellSteps stated.  Sophie created a food and wellness brand to help people achieve their fullest state of health. She also co-hosts the popular IGNTD podcast with her husband, Dr. Adi Jaffe. The podcast addresses the power of relationships; with yourself, partner, family, friends, money, body, beauty + health. They provide honest information, powerful conversations, and useful tools to overcome challenges and transform your life.  CreatorsTV launched this series in response to the huge spike in mental health issues ushered in my the Covid-19 pandemic. "We are always looking for creative ways to connect people during these very isolating times" says Naomi Alabi; CreatorsTv founder.

Due to COVID-19, many employees are working from home, which means no daily commute, less exercise, more sitting at home not prioritizing their wellness or mental health.  As a certified raw food chef and yoga teacher, Sophie inspires her engaged social following to improve their relationship with food, eat intuitively, and live a life full of unbounded energy and bliss. She will guide you through her journey and inspire a positive change within audience members to become the best versions of themselves. Register with hello@creatorstv.online, to prioritize health and wellness.

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