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Creative and Educational Childrens Toys from Little Bundles

Press Release: April 15, 2010

In the modern age there is increased speculation about how childrens toys affect their learning ability, however thanks to toy shops such as Little Bundles, in Alton, Hampshire; which specialise in traditional childrens toys and educational games it is much easier for children to learn and play simultaneously.

From an early age, children can engage with a variety of educational products from quality suppliers such as Orchard Toys; including traditional wooden toys, jigsaw puzzles and games.

Traditional childrens toys such as Crazy Chefs and Yo Ho Ho are fantastic games which allow children to be creative and improve their memories through card games, lists and pictures. Little Bundles also stock a booster pack for the incredibly popular Shopping list game, so the little ones never get bored!

Orchard Toys have a fantastic range of jigsaws for younger children; with bright colours and an array of interesting pictures, younger children can learn to distinguish colours, shapes and a variety of animals. Each jigsaw box comes with an activity guide, so children can make the most of their toys. Some jigsaws, like the Dinosaur Discovery jigsaw puzzle comes with illustrations and information on each species, making history fun and engaging.

In addition to the jigsaws and other traditional childrens toys, Little Bundles stock a range of board games designed for a variety of ages in order to enable children to actively think and problem solve in a fun and imaginative environment.

Little Bundles are dedicated to offering top quality childrens toys for outstanding value for money; to browse the catalogue in full visit the website on www.littlebundles.co.uk.

About Little Bundles: Little Bundles is a family run business based in the market town of Alton in Hampshire where they have run this successful website business since 2004. Due to overwhelming local demand the shop closely followed in 2006 allowing them to multi-channel their childrens wooden toys and traditional games to the widest possible audience across the whole of the UK.

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