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Creating The Perfect Outdoor Customer Area For Your Winery

Press Release: May 03, 2018

A well placed and beautiful outdoor customer area can be a very valuable asset to any winery. An outdoor area encourages guests to do more than just taste and buy wine - it’s a space where they can extend their visit to your winery, have a drink or meal and enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful view that it has to offer. A stylish outdoor area can also be used as a venue for events and special occasions like weddings and business functions. Here are some of our favourite ways to create the perfect outdoor area for your winery.

Create a comfortable dining or cafe area
Your outdoor area should be comfortable and inviting and be an extension of the winery inside. If you are serving meals in this area, place comfortable tables and chairs outside, and decorate them with tablecloths, flowers and other elements that complement the atmosphere and personality of your winery. If you are only serving drinks, snacks or facilitating wine tastings here, you may opt for stylish standing tables.

Do some landscaping
Most guests will appreciate it if you have a neat, well-maintained and stylish outdoor area. Keep the lawn green and short and add clear paths to and from the winery building. Trimmed shrubs, small trees and attractive flower beds are good focal points that can enhance the look of your outdoor seating area.

Promote the view
Most wineries are situated in beautiful locations with natural attractions like vineyards, lawns and green fields. If your winery is fortunate enough to be one of them, then you should make the most of it. Place your outdoor customer area in a part of the winery that hast the best view. Also try to arrange the seating in such a way that most of the guests would be able to face the attraction.

Kids play area
A fun and safe kids’ play area attracts families who are looking for a venue where the kids can play while the parents relax and enjoy a meal (and some wine). By placing a shade sail over the kids’ play area, you can provide much needed protection from the sun- ensuring that the children can play comfortably and for a longer period of time.

Protect your guests from the sun
Children aren’t the only guests who may need protection from the elements. Umbrellas, awnings and shade sails which are placed over the seating area can add much needed shade on warm and sunny days. If you have a patio area and would like to also protect it from rain and storms, you may want to consider installing outdoor blinds or a retractable roof system.

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