Press Release: April 06, 2021

                                             March has shown up and everybody understands what that implies - time to cozy up with a sweeping, cup of tea, and trust that the virus cold weather months will end! 

Nothing sets preferred with gorging on Netflix over a cozy space. It's the ideal chance to switch up certain pieces of furniture in your home in case you're hoping to make it more cozy, or basically add a couple of assistants to get you through the cold weather months. We've gathered together a portion of our #1 thoughts for adding cozy contacts to your space this colder time of year to make it really welcoming, warm, and comfortable. 


Adding textures is the awesome most effortless approach to make your home cozier. Clean, modern plans are regularly portrayed by smooth, gleaming textures. At the point when you add more, like velvet, false hide, cashmere, tweed, fleece, and leather, the space is mollified and caused to feel seriously welcoming. 

Fleece armchairs and couches are an extraordinary method to add texture to a lounge. Lucky Furniture's Mostar Sofa and Taxim Sectional Sofa are both phenomenal alternatives for adding texture to a lounge or rec room. The Mostar couch is accessible in silver camira fleece, while the Taxim Sectional is accessible in tweed, fleece, and extravagant velvet. 

In kitchens and restrooms, think about adding new towels or placemats to give the space new textures. 


While you're adding texture to your space, think about leather also! One leather thing can heat up a whole space, similar to one stool or armchair, particularly when combined with the correct cushions and covers. Delicate, worn leather is welcoming, comfortable, and simple to nod off in while perusing a decent book! 

Lucky Furniture's Barcelona Armchair or the Washington 4 Star Armchair in golden certified leather essentially beseeches you to come plunk down and unwind. With a cool dark toss or false hide pad, a leather armchair works to quickly cozy up your space. 

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There are a couple of simple frill you can use to make your modern plan more cozy without changing the furniture. Pads and covers are the standard go-to things in the colder time of year that we stock up on, however there is a great deal more you can add! 

In the event that you have flooring, adding a territory mat or a false hide carpet under your table heats up a room. Adding more books onto accessible racking makes the picture of an old library - probably the coziest climate you can be in! Rather than jars with new blossoms, utilizing sticks, strip, and dried blossoms can be a simple method to add fascinate that you don't need to change each week! 


Warm tones in a room can totally transform it similarly as much as possible. While you might not have any desire to change out every one of the lights in your home, transforming a couple in side lights or perusing lights can have a significant effect. Lights with a bronze or copper tone, or lights with a dimmer switch, help cause a space to feel cozier and can change the stylish of your whole shading plan and plan! Edison bulbs are an incredible method to make this inclination also. 

Adding another standing light, understanding light, or side light in the event that you don't as of now have them in your space is additionally an incredible method to keep the lighting in a room faint when you're watching occasion specials or unwinding with old buddies. 

Time to Get Cozy! 

With a couple of extras or new pieces of furniture, you can undoubtedly make your home cozier than at any other time. Adding some leather pieces or fleece furniture, and obviously, covers, cushions, and warm lighting will cause you to overlook the seething blizzard outside! 

In case you're searching for new fleece or leather pieces for your home this colder time of year, Lucky Furniture can help. We have modern fleece and leather furniture made with top notch materials that will last well past this colder time of year. Connect with us to see our full inventory or look at a portion of our modern furniture on the web!

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