Home Created As A Joke, Quarantine Based Card Came Starts To Sell.

Created As A Joke, Quarantine Based Card Came Starts To Sell.

Press Release: September 08, 2020

O'Sullivan Studios LLC has released a snarky, lockdown-inspired card game called "Escape Quarantine."

Escape Quarantine is a turn-based card game that aims to bring light to these dark times, with a nod to the challenges we've all experienced this year.

[New York, NY, September 1st] In Escape Quarantine, you will act as the CDC, steal supplies, work from home, homeschool your friends, and discover that toilet paper can be quite rare. Play your cards against opponents to extend their quarantine while you work to get out of yours. 

Escape Quarantine is easy to learn, family-friendly and allows us to laugh at some of the things that drive us crazy in our "new normal." Players create rules and challenges for their opponents, making the game suitable for all age groups.

"My initial goal was to create a humorous card game and share it with some close friends," said the game's creator, John O'Sullivan. "But when others showed interest, I realized I could no longer cut Escape Quarantine decks by hand. So, after a month-long search, I located a manufacturer in the U.S. to print the game professionally.

"Now that I have been distributing the game to a wider audience, parents have said they appreciate how the game gets their children to think creatively to win." 

A limited release was launched last week on the site EscapeQuarantine.com and is selling for $19.99. Purchase Escape Quarantine using the coupon code "2020Sucks" to receive 20% off your order.  

 Number of Players: 2-8

Time per Game: 10-15 min

Age: 9+

Website: EscapeQuarantine.Com

Instagram: @EscapeQuarantine

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EscapeQuarantine

O'Sullivan Studios LLC is a boutique graphic design and video production company located in Hell's Kitchen NYC.  

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Email: John@thunderbomb.com

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