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Create your own personalised cards including free Mother's Day ecards!

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Mother's Day is fast approaching with just a couple of weeks to go - have you got your card sorted yet?  Probably not, which is all well and good, as you can do something a little bit different this year by sending a personalised card straight into your mum's email inbox!

Online ecards are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people are sending them in tandem with tangible, printed cards or just instead of a normal card. Just think how nice it will be for your mum to be sifting through her normal, boring emails and up pops an all-singing-all-dancing animated ecard totally personalised by you!

The benefits are endless - free, eco-friendly, delivered in a split second, and you can send as many as you like. Some ecards are plain and simple while others are animated and play music through your speakers. Don't worry if you think creating personalised cards sounds like a tough job - you couldn't be more wrong. The design process is totally straight-forward and you can select from numerous themes to incorporate into your card. Plus, you can make as many changes as you like and preview your final offering before you send it to ensure it's perfect!

All cards are designed by our team of inspired artists and programmers to help celebrate any occasion or no occasion at all - so even if you have Mother's Day sorted for this year, there are plenty of other opportunities to pleasantly surprise someone you know! Valentines ecards have now bitten the dust until next year so maybe your attention is now turning to personalised birthday cards, funny ecards and more - all for free! Dont you just love producing something thats taken ten minutes, yet looks like its taken you an hour? Serious Brownie points heading your way

And remember, ecards are totally carbon neutral and earth friendly! No trees are cut down to create our cards, no factories spew out pollution to create ink and print them, no HGVs spread smog to deliver them, and they don't take up landfill space! Make Mother Earth and your friends and family extra happy with our wonderful environmentally-friendly greeting cards.

There are also no shipping fees unlike traditional cards, and no delivery delays. Your personalised card will arrive instantly whether it's sent out on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, or just a typical Monday morning with no worries about it arriving late due to postal strikes or adverse weather.

Ecards.co.uk also offer free premium accounts for all personalised cards senders! Just tell us your name and basic information, your address, what you like and you're all set. Is it safe? You bet!

About Us
Ecards Media Ltd is based in North Devon and we now have a dozen staff. We have been going for about three years and are growing at a rate of knots! When not designing super cool ecards, we enjoy wakeboarding and having barbecues on the beach.

We try hard to make cards for everyone. It doesn't matter if your tastes are traditional, soppy, rude, or adorable; we have a special card for you! If you want a card you don't see here, just contact us to make a suggestion. Who knows, maybe your card will become universally popular?!

Unlike other ecard companies, our cards are Sender Score Verified. This means we have a reputation to uphold as a good, trusted sender of quality ecards to your friends and family. We never will sell your information or pass out spam mail to your loved ones. As we are Sender Score Verified, there are near perfect chances your ecard won't accidentally get caught in a spam filter and that it will arrive perfectly in your recipients inbox.

Contact Us
Ecards Media Limited trading as eCards.co.uk
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Telephone Number: +44 (0)1237 426555
Fax +44 (0)1237 475783

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