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Crazy Announcement for Life Insurance and Mortgages

Press Release: December 11, 2009

Yes... So Solid Finance have made a CRAZY ANNOUNCEMENT!

But First, note, we work with the largest insurance and mortgage providers in the UK. You can rest assured that you will be looked after.

"I went to http://www.sosolidfinance.com/ and was shocked. I orginally got a policy with my mortgage provider and was paying £37 a month for my Life Insurance. I went to So Solid Finance Ltd and put my details in. It took me 2 minutes. An advisor called me up and talked me through different quotes. I settled for one that cost £5.70. I could not believe it. I am saving over £30 a month and it took me around 10 minutes." Sarah - Manchester

So many times we do not bother checking as we think it will be painful. But by going to http://www.sosolidfinance.com/ filling in your details will take you 2 minutes. If it can save you money what are you waiting for? Why pay too much for your Life Insurance?

The Crazy Announcement? Go to http://www.sosolidfinance.com everytime someone fills out their details for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote.... we give 5% of our profits to charity! Not only are you getting a tailored quote... you are helping the charity of the month to!

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