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Craetus releases its Digital Prehabilitation Solution

Press Release: October 08, 2020

London, UK: Today Craetus Digital Healthcare Ltd., a medicine technology start-up specializing in chronic conditions management related to ageing population and lifestyle, announced the release of their Digital Prehabilitation solution, delivering personalised prehabilitation services online. The solution, aimed at Hospitals, Healthcare providers and Insurers, creates potential for significant savings as it decreases the need for medical intervention and promotes earlier return to normal life post treatment.

The development was accelerated to address the demand for optimising cancer patients for surgery through prehabilitation without physical contact during the current Covid19 pandemic.

Craetus Chief Technology Officer, Alexandru Agrapine said, “Simultaneous release of the Craetus digital solution across all major platforms was a challenge which we are very proud to have overcome through sheer determination to help cancer patients during a challenging time.”

Prehabilitation, which optimises patients before major surgery, has proven to have a positive impact on outcome after surgery and reduce length of hospital stay.

Benefits of Craetus digital solution are:
- Cost efficient to implement and scalable
- Completely online and contactless
- Personalised and adaptable to patients circumstances

About Craetus Digital Health: Craetus is a medicine technology start-up that specialises in developing digital solutions for management of chronic conditions associated with ageing population and lifestyle, such as Cancer and Diabetes.

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