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COVID-19: UV-Mask Prototype Developed To Protect People

Press Release: May 18, 2020

A team of passionate enthusiasts from Belarus developed a prototype of a UV-Mask able to protect people against different kinds of air threats, including bacteria and viruses, such as a coronavirus disease (which causes COVID — 19).

It is based on an innovative combination of a UV-disinfectormultilayer polypropylene, and carbon filters.

“Lack of personal protective equipment due to the coronavirus disease rapid spread, a high level of healthcare workers’ infection, air pollution which causes 7 millions of deaths worldwide every year, - all these challenges motivated us to start inventing the first version of a working prototype called Breathio”, says Pavel Urban, the main creator, and engineering leader.

“The usage of UV-lamps inside the mask helps sterilize inhaled air and protect people from being infected with viruses and bacteria. Multilayer polypropylene and carbon filters provide an extra safeguard against different air threats, including ambient (outdoor) air pollution”.

“The weakest point of any protection mechanism is a mask’s tight fit. That’s why we decided to develop a Fit Control System. It is constantly checking and giving an alert to a user of how tight the mask fits their face and indicates places where it should be fixed. 

We are currently working on adding a Breathing Assistance System (BAS) and a Communication Support System (CSS) to the mask which will help a person who wears the mask decrease the level of air resistance and avoid complexity in the communication process that is distinctive for traditional respirators.

Moreover, it will contain an Advanced Analytic System (AAS). Based on ML algorithms and data collected from temperature and airflow sensors, it will provide statistical data about breathing parameters and general body condition to predict the development of inflammatory processes”.

To read more about Breathio protection principles check the company's press page on Medium.com or Breathio website.

The team is working hard to turn the prototype into the end-product to support healthcare and medical systems if not now but for the future dangerous pandemics. 

“We are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and Kickstarter to help our project mission come true.  We are also planning to spread 3D models of the mask to make a Breathio UV-Mask available for a large number of people”. 


Follow the updates on breath-io.com, support the Breathio Team on social networks, and become the first owner of a Breathio UV-Mask!

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