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COVID-19: The Disastrous Outbreak

Press Release: March 25, 2020

Of the huge family of coronaviruses, COVID-19 has turned out to be a pandemic and has brought worldwide disaster. Starting from Wuhan, it has now spread to almost every continent covering over 170+ countries such as China, Italy, United States, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, India and many more. To overcome the impact of this outbreak, about 35 companies and academic institutions have joined hands together and have become a part of the race to create a coronavirus vaccine. Some have been already testing on animals, with preparations to conduct further trials on humans. In order to test the vaccine's safety, 45 volunteers picked for two injections at an interval of 28 days are being looked at with great hope. Jennifer Haller (who doesn't have the virus) decided to participate as a volunteer for the COVID-19 vaccination test and became the first human to receive a potential vaccine in the US city of Seattle. Ms. Haller conveyed that she felt blessed to have such an opportunity to serve when everyone was feeling so helpless. She also conveyed that the vaccine injected in her did not contain living or dead forms of the virus. Thus was not a matter of concern for her health. Rather it uses a genetic code that instructs the cells to make the same protein found in coronavirus. Apart from the Seattle research company, various other companies are in the race too. The coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is working round the clock. Though experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) do not expect a fully tested as well as approved vaccine to be available in the market before mid-2021. In such a scenario, with neither a vaccine nor proper medication we are just left with an option to prevent it from further spreading. Though mass efforts are being conducted to control its spread. Many countries have taken harsh decisions such as travel bans and requested people for self-isolation or quarantine themselves. To help curb the spread of the coronavirus curfew, alerts have been imposed. Though, keeping a check on the daily stat reports, the number of cases is increasing rapidly. It needs a lot of discipline to overcome such a stubborn virus as no medication seems to be affecting it. In such a case it is just hand hygiene or the self-healing power and techniques that can keep one safe. Thus, rather than panicking, it's important to maintain social distancing as well as build up & keep a check on your immunity. Naturopaths have been speaking of practicing energy healing techniques and different forms of naturopathy modalities to enhance the self-healing power that resides within each of us. As per the reports doctors are making best efforts to fight back the uncontrollable COVID-19. But still, follow a healthy diet plan to combat the disease if it comes to any one of you. Scroll or follow some of the natural treatments to strengthen the immunity system.

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