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Covid-19 One Voice for Animals UK Appeal launch

Press Release: April 24, 2020


The Covid-19 Crisis is devastating our UK wildlife & domestic animal rescue centres, hospitals and sanctuaries.

Rescue Centres find themselves dealing with spring wildlife casualties and increasing pet abandonment - with increased food costs, fewer volunteers and their main fundraising routes gone. Animal Charities receive no government funding, and many are at risk of permanent closure, putting the lives of thousands of animals at risk.

Amanda Mizpah Norman runs a hedgehog rescue in Bedford. Amanda told us 

“It’s tough enough trying to raise funds for a wildlife rescue normally, but since Covid-19 crisis struck it’s become 100 times more difficulty. We have lost our volunteers and food donations due to lock down. We have no one to bail us out and donations to pay vets bills and overheads Have dried up. I truly fear for animals as one by one wildlife shelters close. We need help now”

Sarah Johnson, Centre Manager, Teckels Animal Rescue concludes ‘most small rescue Centres survive hand to mouth, so something as massive as Coronavirus, which is having such a huge impact, will I’m sure result in some rescue Centres simply not surviving’.

Talking about the One Voice for Animals UK Appeal - animal supporter Lisa Smith said “ With everything going on its easy to forget about animal charities that might be seriously struggling without their usual fundraising activities. I see this appeal as a way for the charities to be remembered and for the public to be able to support those close to them” 

After reading dozens of heart-breaking appeals from individual charities, Val Green decided to bring the plight of our UK animal charity  & volunteer sector to the publics attention and launch a Nationwide Appeal to raise funds give exposure to these causes.

The appeal was launched on Friday 24th April, sharing a National database featuring over 250 rescues, hospitals and sanctuaries in greatest need. These ranged from small registered charities to volunteers who rescue and rehabilitate Animals from their own homes.

People wanting to help animals in need and the volunteers who care for them, can visit the database, select the county or Region they live in, choose sites to visit and decide for themselves which causes they want to support. 

The One Voice for Animals appeal database is available here www.helpanimals.co.uk

The Covid-19 One Voice for Animals UK appeal has been set up by Val Green with help from Helpwildlife.co.uk

Helpwildlife.co.uk was founded in 2005 with the aim of assisting members of the public who find wildlife casualties, providing advice on how to help and a directory of UK Wildlife rescues

Val Green has been supporting Animal causes for many years and is currently a volunteer fundraising ambassador for David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Val was moved by the plight of so many animal groups all making similar pleas and set up this Appeal to give them One voice and to help the public hear that voice.

Supporters can help by joining the Covid-19 One Voice for Animals UK Facebook group 

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Val Green

Tel: 07510 295309

Email: hannaholly@gmail.com

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