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Can a UV-C Air Purifiers capture COVID-19 Corona virus During Home Quarantine?

YES UV-C air purifiers are the safest form of this dangerous light source and yes it is deadly to the Covid-19 virus.

Using a UV-C air purifier to aid in capturing and destroying any possible Corona Virus in your home can help you feel and breathe a little easier.

Better to be safe than sorry.

The safest form of UV-C light filtration is to use an air purifier where the UV light is enclosed and cannot be seen by the naked eye or felt on your skin. The purifier should have a high efficiency HEPA filter.

  • At present, some clean products with H13 grade HEPA filters (high efficiency) have been verified, which can filter out the H1N1 virus with a diameter similar to that of the novel corona virus. Theoretically, it should also have a certain filtering effect on the COVID-19 corona virus. However, it should be noted that this theory has not yet had time to been supported by exact experimental data. The reason for this is the newness of this virus.
  • If an air purifier is equipped with ultraviolet/ozone/anion sterilization while using a high-efficiency hepa filter, it can kill viruses and bacteria while filtering bio-aerosols, which is the most effective for disease prevention.
  • Recent research published in the Journal of Infectious Diseasesand under review at BMC Infectious diseases suggests that air filtration can reduce the risk of transmission of measles and influenza which also translates to other infectious diseases and viruses like the Covid-19. HEPA filters are very effective. They are certified to capture 99.97 percent of particles that are precisely 0.3 microns in diameter. And they are even better at capturing particles that are either larger or smaller than that including viruses. 
  • "EXTREME OZONATION – Safe, Chemical-Free Generators Utilize Electrical Current to Convert Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (O3), Neutralizing Odors & Disinfecting Surfaces" The disinfecting surfaces as the O3 comes in contact with the room surfaces is the key to this ozonation.
  • The novel corona virus itself is 0.125 microns, the droplets it travels in when people cough, talk, or breathe initially are larger, around 1 micron. That's a size easily captured by HEPA filters.
  • We at SPTruckBox are using our business contacts from around the world to make a qualified air purifier device available. This will be for a limited time as long as there are ample supplies. We want to help in this uncertain environment of the corona virus pandemic that is why we have located this device for home, office and other enclosed area purification to be sure the home and other environments are clear and healthy.

About Us: To find a qualified device you may visit our site where we have added information and a means to order these devices https://sptruckbox.com/covid There is a wealth of additional information on our site about how these devices work to penetrate every fiber in the home to kill both surface and air borne bacteria and virus microns.




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