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Covid-19 Contingency Plan for Medical Lighting Supplies

Press Release: June 18, 2020

D & H (Partnership) Ltd offers a bespoke medical equipment maintenance services package which can be tailored to your individual needs. Our Experienced engineers can cover a wide range of theatre equipment from a variety of manufacturers – keeping costs low and reducing theatre down time.

Being a specialist company we are able to give our personal attention to your requirements using our highly trained and experienced engineers. Unlike most service organisations we are able to undertake the repair and service of any make of operating light together with emergency standby battery units and control equipment. This is particularly useful in theatre suites which have a “mixed bag” of operating lights, which utilise various operating lights from different manufacturers.

Covid-19 Contingency Plan

We are following the guidelines set out by public health England and are ensuring our service

engineers follow these guidelines along with additional measures

  • All equipment and tools used are to be wiped down at the end of each business day to prevent any cross-contamination.
  • Moving between service contracts engineers are ensuring they routinely wash their hands and limit contact with individuals are appropriate.
  • Limiting face to face contact where possible between our staff to ensure cross-infection is minimised so we don’t lose key operational staff to quarantine procedures.

Other than the above it is business as usual and that all requests for breakdowns and Service level agreements are attended to keep operating theatres working at optimal capacity with

minimal disruption

Please contact our head office should you require any further information

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