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COVID-19 and the changes in B2B buyer behaviour

Press Release: October 21, 2020

It was forecast at the beginning of 2020 that eCommerce across the B2B sector was going to expand exponentially. What wasn’t forecast was how Covid-19 would mean eCommerce would become essential for the survival of B2B sales in the few months that followed. Or how the buying habits and demands of retailers would change so drastically over such a short period of time.

In April, Wunderman Thompson Commerce surveyed 200 UK B2B businesses to analyse the impact of Covid-19 on the B2B sector. The resulting report shows some staggering statistics. Direct field sales are down, online ordering is up and buyers want better online functionality from their suppliers.

Here are a few key points raised in Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s The B2B Future Shopper Report:

  • Retail businesses buying direct from B2B sales representatives has dropped a massive 64%, from 44% to only 16%
  • 75% of buyers have changed B2B suppliers since March – 43% of those businesses made that change because online ordering wasn’t available with their previous supplier
  • 43% of B2B buyers say the online ordering processes they’re using are more complicated than they should be and that real-time inventory with clear fulfilment and shipping information would make their job easier
B2B eCommerce trade website - Oxford Products

Only a year ago a B2B sales platform as a ‘nice to have’ on many business’ wish list. Now, post Covid-19, it couldn’t be clearer that an online sales website for any B2B wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer is vital for future survival.

“The money saved on staff with InterSell has been invested in technology that creates more sales and enhances our customers’ experience.”
Kevin Nash Group Plc

But, be warned, simply providing an online ordering portal isn’t enough. Your eCommerce platform needs to provide the intuitive usability and enhanced functions your customers are expecting to see.

“The amount of information we are able to give our customers is fantastic. Our customers are more self-sufficient and they can purchase our products at any time”
Wicked Costumes Limited

Since 2002, Aspin has provided high functioning eCommerce portals to the B2B sector across a broad range of industries with our eCommerce product InterSell. Fully integrated through your back-office ERP system, InterSell provides you with comprehensive eCommerce platform enabling your customers to self-service 24/7. This gives your retailers the flexibility they want and saves you precious resource at head office.

“Customers find the website a really efficient tool as they can see master data and stock levels for each product.”
Amscan International Ltd

InterSell will put you ahead of your competitors with a fully bespoke online trade sales website. Get in touch to book a no-obligation demo and let us show you how InterSell can help your business realise its full potential.

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