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COVID-19 a pandemic for world but favourable for Social Media platform.

Press Release: June 15, 2020

“ Once upon a time the notifications were creating a nuisance for people but now the pandemic has led them to fall in love with them.”

The crisis of COVID-19 has created an environment of precaution and safe distancing all around. The streets are empty, silence is all around but the fear of virus has created a silent peace for all ears. The fast-moving world is now feeling a need of pause and importance of connecting people. This catastrophe has led to a transformation in the activeness of social media. The Social media is now performing as an active and supportive audience platform for entertainment and leisure. The time spent on these platforms is increased due to pandemic.

The social media as a platform of leisure has now changed to a social media marketing channel. The brands and business growth is rapidly increasing due to social media and its benefits. Due the pandemic crisis the business operations were hampered but due to digital advancements it is proved to be significant for business to develop through social media. This platform has a large access over connections all across the world. From school to large business all are a part of this platform to ensure smooth functioning of their work.

As per the survey of Nielsen it is reported that Indians are actively participating and creating an influence towards social media. Social media activity within India grew rapidly as 50X.  In the beginning the engagement rate was 0.4 million and later due to pandemic to took up a rise of 20.3 million. Mr. Prasun Basu, South Asia Zone president of Nielsen Global quotes that “Each time PM Modi addressed the nation to make announcements such as Janata Curfew and 21-day total lockdown in March, social media volume noted a jump. Celebrities, cricketers and politicians urging people to follow the lockdown and five-minute gratitude showing on Janata Curfew day were other instances,”

This also led to social media campaigns like Karo Namaste, Social Distancing, Safe Hands Challenge, etc, and constant posts of celebrities expressing their though over the crisis. The online grocery shopping platform was most in demand and was also of great safety for consumers. Medias like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, etc were enjoying a surge of more than average traffic as compared to earlier. Social distancing has led to connection through social medias and comfortable video call chats for all. Stating the above facts it is opaque that the serious pandemic COVID-19 crisis has availed a smooth way for the benefits of social media strongly.



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