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Press Release: January 04, 2010

There's a belief, speaking metaphorically, that couples who spend their days staring lovingly into each others eyes could ultimately face a doomed relationship as their feelings towards each other inevitably fade. On the other hand, those that hold hands and look straight ahead together with shared ideas and values can look forward to growing together as they experience all the trials and tribulations of life.
Ultimately, this can develop into something known as emotional convergence, where the couples' emotions begin to come together in unison. It's an interesting idea with more than a hint of truth. If all we are preoccupied with is what's on the inside of our relationship, we're likely to stifle the very feelings that brought about the attraction in the first place. Enjoying freedom and space together on the other hand is far more nurturing and likely to lead to happiness.

One factor that goes a long way to ensuring couples grow together is being able to enjoy shared interests. How often have you come across couples that seem made for each other, then discover they've run their own business together, played together for years as part of the same musical band, or worked together for a charity doing good deeds in some far flung corner of the world? They're sure to be the sort of couple that end up thinking the same thoughts and even finish each others'
sentences, enjoying a closeness we all aspire to.

If you know a special couple, whether or not their relationship holds this much promise, you'll hope that it does and genuinely wish to celebrate life's special occasions with them. Whether it's your mum and dad, your son and his wife, your brother and sister-in-law or your best friends, honouring them with a special gift for an anniversary or milestone celebration is the ultimate gesture of friendship and affection. So often we give gifts to individuals for birthdays and Christmas, but rarely do we consider honouring the relationship of another couple.

But what sort of gift can you buy that a couple can enjoy together? A bottle of champagne, a DVD set, something for the home perhaps? Great ideas in theory, but if you really want to give something with long-lasting impact, an experience day gift is the one thing that provides that magical formula of shared excitement and anticipation.
Experience days bring couples together like nothing else, offering a chance for them to achieve things they never thought they'd be able to do and try new challenges they've never even dreamt of. Whether it's scuba diving with sharks, aerobatic stunt flying or camel-riding, you can be sure it'll be a day to remember full of excitement that will bring them together on a new level. Not only that, it's also sure to be something they'll thank you for, for the rest of their lives.

Making time for special times

There are some things that you often see others doing but never dream you'll ever do yourself. It may be surfing when you're at the beach, or horse riding through the countryside on a perfect autumn day. As experience days for two, these and other equally exciting outdoor activities make a gift that's guaranteed to lift both their spirits. If they're a pair of animal lovers for instance, the Primate Keeper for Two will be welcomed as a unique and exciting occasion. For a whole day they'll follow in the footsteps of a zoo keeper and tend to the needs of endangered woolly and Capuchin monkeys at a monkey sanctuary in Cornwall. After meeting these intelligent and inquisitive primates, they'll be helping the team to clean out their enclosures, prepare their feeds and come up with new ideas to make their environment stimulating for learning and creative play. But if high-paced sport is more up their street and they're the type of people who like a taste of the high life, why not give them the gift of a polo game for two. An endearing group of obedient ponies make this a day that's completely suited to beginners.
After training they'll find themselves dressed in polo gear and ready to get those hooves thundering across the ground. When it all gets too much, they'll be free to relax and watch others play a few matches of the game that was made for Kings and Queens.

Wining and dining in style

Now and again an occasion arises when you want to make a real impact with your chosen gift. When it's all about giving your most heartfelt thanks to that special couple, you've got every excuse to go the whole hog and spoil them rotten. Perhaps they've helped you out in a way that's changed your life for the better, or been there for you through a particularly harrowing time. When it's time to return the favour, you might want to look at a range of luxury experience gifts that are guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime treat. How about taking them on a culinary journey with the Cookery Masterclass for two at Yorkshire's historic Hazlewood Castle? After dining with champagne at the classy Mediterranean style Anise Restaurant, they'll be treated to a fascinating cookery demo from the head chef. They'll not only be going home with a host of culinary tips on how to create a selection of imaginative dishes, but will also have the chance to enjoy afternoon tea and cakes - the perfect end to a perfect day. Alternatively, for a taste of luxury dining in a bygone age, who wouldn't swoon at the thought of a day on the famous Orient Express? When they step on board the stylish Northern Belle at their chosen station, they'll soon relax into sumptuous decadence in what is a unique travel experience. Champagne and freshly prepared gourmet food will be theirs to enjoy as they watch the countryside slip by. With an occasion as romantic as this to savour, what's the betting they'll be falling in love all over again?

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