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Couple aiming to 'Kickstart' Business with Art Exhibition in Durham City

Press Release: April 21, 2017

Durham-based husband and wife team Kevin and Jennifer Platts have created a platform to 'Bring Art Commissioning to Everyone' and aim to 'Kickstart' the business via the ever more popular 'Crowdfunding' approach.

Kevin and Jennifer aim to take their business to the next level via a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign, with the aim of hosting an art exhibition in their home city of Durham in August 2017.

If you aren’t familiar with Crowdfunding, (specifically Kickstarter in this instance) their mission is ‘to help bring creative projects to life’ and the concept is very simple. If you like the idea behind a campaign and want to support the cause, you pledge an amount and in return receive a reward offered by the business or people behind the campaign.

In this campaign, rewards are high quality ‘giclee’ prints of the original artworks commissioned for the proposed exhibition in Durham City. A4 and A3 prints are two of the rewards that are available for pledges of £20 and £40 respectively and represent a reduced cost against retail prices. You support the campaign and receive something of greater value in return for the amount you pledge!

MyArtBrief.com is the only service that facilitates the art commissioning process entirely online. You can watch the video on the websites home page to learn how it works. Their goal is to 'bring art commissioning to the many, not just a few' by providing a low-cost platform for low-cost marketing and low commission rates that ensure the lowest possible price. Their ethos is that the money goes where it belongs, the Artist!

Since going fully live with low-cost marketing campaigns in December 2016, the business has reached their first goal of averaging 1 commission per week and is receiving excellent feedback from artists and users on their customer service and easy to use website.

The online presence and platform is working and gaining momentum but there's no substitute for seeing an artist’s beautiful artwork in real life.

Feedback from a recent sale of a painting perfectly embodies this sentiment as the customer would not have purchased the painting had they not previously seen some of the artist’s work: "A painting is real; and, impossible as it is to judge a work on screen, which of course simply reproduces it in a smaller, two-dimensional world, I have enough faith in Hugh's work to feel that this is a painting with which I want to live"

Kevin and Jennifer hope the campaign will be successful so they can bring their artists work to the public and self-fund future exhibitions for the business.

If you would like to support the campaign you can pledge and choose your reward from the 21st April via https://www.myartbrief.com/kickstarterartists

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