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Counterplas Invests in its Biggest Asset

Press Release: March 30, 2020

Technical plastic injection moulder, Counterplas are continuing their expansion programme by honouring their promise to invest in their most important asset. Their people.

After acquiring the trade and assets of Showpla Plastics last year, South Staffordshire based Counterplas have increased their turnover by more than 50% to £6 million and are well underway with its machine replacement program, IT upgrades and continuous improvement activities.

With a relentless focus on the development of the company, Counterplas are now investing in their current and future employees. To lead the changes, Counterplas have recruited two production professionals with extensive experience in lean manufacturing.

Stuart Brian and Neal Swadkins have joined from a local automotive focused moulder, and they will now implement the key actions that will lead to a level of performance that will meet customers’ needs, now and in the future.

Paul Isherwood, Counterplas Managing Director, said:

“To drive the company forward and further improve the efficiency within the factory, we are looking for people who share our ambition, worked in Lean organisations, and who can demonstrate the commitment and ability to manage teams.”

Alongside these changes, the company is looking to strengthen all supervisory roles, reviewing the job descriptions and objectives of all staff to ensure the team are all working toward a common goal and understand the needs of the business. Reviewing and revising job descriptions has also clarified multi-skilling and flexibility in the management team and identified new training needs.

Furthermore, in considering the company’s needs over the next 5 years, Counterplas plan to offer apprenticeship places every year in all areas of the business.

Isherwood commented:

“Apprenticeships will be offered in the factory and in administrative functions and will recur annually. These apprenticeships will form an important part of our objective to grow our own talent, specifically targeted to the company’s needs.

“We are excited to provide training and career opportunities for young people in our community and hope to work in unison with local educational establishments, schools and colleges.”

Led by Managing Director, Paul Isherwood, the continuous improvement task force set up shortly after the acquisition was completed, has now almost completed its first objective - the amalgamation of Counterplas and Showpla Plastics, and ensure the synergies envisaged at inception were realised.

Paul Isherwood said:

“After acquiring Showpla Plastics in 2018 and moving to our current location, we were faced with the considerable challenge of merging not only our machinery, but also our people, customers and cultures. To help make processes as smooth as possible and to drive the company forward, we established a continuous improvement task force.

“It has been a tough 12 months but I’m happy to say that the company is now heading solidly in the right direction and with the strengthening of the senior management team at this time, im excited to see what the future will bring.”

With more objectives of continued expansion and improvements to processes, Counterplas are working on several major new initiatives.  These include staff training, the introduction of lean manufacturing systems such as 5S and Kanban, a new Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system, and further development of the sales strategy.

For more information, visit www.counterplas.co.uk, contact Counterplas on 01922 419203 or email sales@counterplas.co.uk.

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