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Could you improve your Driving

Press Release: March 31, 2010

I would like to ask these questions, the individual needs to answer truthfully ..
1.Could your driving be improved
2.Do you think that since you passed your test driving has changed
3.Do other drivers irritate you at times
4.Do you use block gear changing in your drive
5.are you driving in the right gear at the right times
6.Have you read the highway code in the last 12 months
7.Do you always keep to the speed limits

No one can truly put there hand on heart and say that they could not gain something from the courses that we deliver. We ourselves are continually developing.
We are a well know Driving School who have been predominantly teaching learner drivers in the Yorkshire area having been established for 10 years, however due to the fact that we have an increasing number of Specialist Trainers joining our team we are now expanding the services that we offer to those that have passed their driving test. We have recently moved the business into offices with training facilities in the Rodley area of Leeds and visibly advertise our services. We are very excited about the new services that are on offer
There are many driver training establishments throughout the uk and the majority in my opinion target companies rather than individuals communiting daily on the roads - having delivered training to company drivers myself have found them rewarding and educational to the individual - so bearing this in mind I want to make our courses accessible and available to everyone and for them to have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge, that being the less confident driver to the confident driver who thinks they know it all -

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