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Could Valentine’s Day be the Key to Relationship Success?

Press Release: February 06, 2017

A study of 1,800 couples in Australia has revealed the key to a successful relationship could be as simple as celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Created by retailers Beer Cartel and Edible Blooms, the 2017 Australian Valentine’s Survey investigated the views of Australian couples towards Valentine’s Day.

Richard Kelsey, Director of Beer Cartel said the findings were interesting; particularly that fact that celebrating Valentine’s Day is important to the success of a relationship.

“I suspected those celebrating Valentine’s Day would be more positive towards their relationship, but the difference between the two groups was revealing,” said Mr Kelsey.

Kelly Jamieson, Managing Director of Edible Blooms was not surprised at the survey results, particularly the trend for women to send gifts to their partners on Valentine’s Day.

“Whilst traditional flowers are sent to an audience of 95% women, on Valentine’s Day each year more than 60% of Edible Blooms’ gift deliveries are sent to men,” said Ms Jamieson.

“Both partners should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, there are two people that make a relationship successful,” she said.

Key findings of the research included:
- Those intending to celebrate Valentine’s Day are more positive to their relationship; 68% of those intending to celebrate Valentine’s Day say their relationship is better than ever, compared to just 50% of those not celebrating
- 80% of all Australian couples expect to celebrate the day with their partner
- Restaurants will be kept busy with 57% of those doing something special saying they will have a meal out
- While more Australian's (63%) will celebrate this Valentine's Day by doing something special with their partner - gift giving is also an important tradition; Women can expect their partner to spend an average of $98 on flowers, chocolate and a card, while men will receive almost as much with women spending $94 on a card, chocolates and alcohol

Relationship coach Michael Brook agreed with the findings of the research.

“Couples that stay together long term and increase in love and intimacy, are always trying to focus on what attracted themselves to their partner in the first place. They also, are doing some of the behaviours that they did when they were initially dating, like celebrating Valentine’s Day,” said Mr Brook.

“Like many things in a relationship… it’s the little things that are the big things,” he said.

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