Press Release: November 20, 2015

Corrugated’s inbuilt versatility and cushioning qualities are providing the optimum protective solution during transit for arguably one of the UK’s most used and best-loved folding bicycles, the Brompton.

A one-piece corrugated transit solution has been developed to secure this iconic bike within a compact package by creative use of an extended glue flange and precise flap arrangements. The internal base flaps fold to form a supportive, cushioning structure which delivers extra protection to vulnerable areas.

The result is that upon opening, the bike is presented to the customer in a logical and pleasing manner that reflects its high profile. The use of locking tabs has enabled Brompton to dispense with tape that previously secured the pack, making the box more aesthetically appealing and simple to recycle.

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) says that this highly innovative solution confirms corrugated board’s reputation for being both reliable and simple, and its application can be readily tailored to suit any shape and size.

CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, said: “Corrugated is the ideal means of protection for such a renowned product. It is the UK’s most widely used packaging material for maintaining goods in a safe and secure condition during shipment.

“Advances in corrugated technology are making it ever more possible to deliver complex structures whilst incurring minimal wastage. Its exceptional environmental credentials are a highly compelling attribute within a retail marketing climate that is increasingly demanding greater sustainability.”

Corrugated packaging protects around 75% of goods in transit and has led the way on issues such as lightweight packaging and space efficiency in stores and trucks, which has resulted in a reduction of heavy lorries on the road through the supply chain for consumer goods.

Getting products from A to B efficiently and cost-effectively is no longer solely a matter of logistics; it is increasingly part and parcel of the overall marketing mix. Through various packaging innovations, corrugated is providing creative retail ready packaging opportunities, while still delivering the supply chain with a highly functional solution that enables both suppliers and consumers to benefit from improved product marketing and presentation.

It sets a benchmark for versatility, making it a vital logistics partner for a variety of reasons. It can provide transit protection, display and a storage solution for a huge range of products, from butter to bikes.

Corrugated is already recognised by many British shoppers as the preferred method of packaging for purchases delivered to their home because of its protective qualities, as well as being considered the easiest material to recycle.

Brompton’s championing of a more eco-friendly approach to commuter travelling is in sync with corrugated packaging which is, of course, fully recyclable. Its one-piece transit solution has certainly raised the bar for bike packaging.

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