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Coronavirus outbreak leading to a shortage of food?

Press Release: March 27, 2020

The Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) - since the first British case in February 2020 - has caught not just the UK but the world by storm. Being in truly uncharted waters there is little anyone can do at this time other than distance themselves from friends and family. Covid-19 has seen the public strip supermarkets for essential items such as toilet paper… YES Toilet paper, staple food products and more. The Covid-19 virus has left empty shelves, minimal food and people having to live off rations of canned foods. A Birmingham based business believes they have the answer to the food shortages caused by Covid-19. Introducing Chefiesta. A sub brand of the award winning 2019 catering company of the year - Eagle Catering. Chefiesta is a catering company with a twist. Specialising in weekly meal preps (A weeks’ worth of meals ready made, delivered straight to your door), corporate buffets and events. Chefiesta offer an extremely diverse range of meals. With over 30 meals to choose from and meals from around the world including Chinese, Indian, Caribbean, African, European and more Chefiesta really brings global cuisine to you. With local supermarkets rationing items to fight food shortages, alternative methods should be looked at for acquiring meals during this current Covid-19 outbreak. With meals starting from as little as £3.50 each there is truly something for everyone at every price. Chukwudi Ononye, Director of Chefiesta says a savers package has been added to help those heavily affected by the virus to afford to have their favourite meals at an affordable price. “As many people are out of work due to Covid-19, lost their jobs or having their business in survival mode we have decided to create a savers meal prep package for those that can not afford the higher end meals on the site but still need food delivered. Hopefully through our success we can also make a huge difference in these times”. For more details on how you can get your order head to www.chefiesta.com. Follow Chefiesta on social media to keep updated on their offerings as well. Instagram: @chefiesta_  - https://www.instagram.com/chefiesta_/ Facebook: @chefiestacatering - https://www.facebook.com/chefiestacatering/ Pinterest: @chefiesta_ - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/chefiesta_/ Twitter: @Chefiesta_ - https://twitter.com/Chefiesta_

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