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Coporate Gifiting with personal branding by Choco Fantasy

Press Release: November 07, 2020

Chocofantasy a custom chocolate company which is specialized in homemade chocolate has launched its Corporate gift items along with chocolates.

Chocofantasy is a very renowned homemade chocolate company that provides very pure and mouth-watering chocolates that melts our hearts. They also have a huge collection of chocolates which they made with very delicacy to enhance the chocolate flavors.

No doubt they are the no. one homemade chocolate company in Kolkata which has many reputed clients like Burger and Wipro. So, see what they had just launched in their corporate gift items.

On the launch of Choco Fantasy corporate gift items, the founder and owner of Choco Fantasy Miss Tahira Sarkar told us that Chocolate is a way to express our feelings. No matter what the occasion is you can always gift someone chocolates.

Everyone loves chocolates, it always brings a big smile to someone's face. So, definitely chocolate is the best thing to gift someone even if the relation is corporate. This is the thing that was always on our mind before making the corporate gift items.

Not only the quality which we are giving efforts on, but we also made attractive gift packs of chocolates that can be best and appropriate also. Chocolate baskets, chocolate mugs, chocolate bouquets were well-liked among them.

There were also gift packs, which also contained chocolate with candy. People can buy gifts as per their choice and deepened the color of their relationship. 

The Chocolates in corporate gift items are...

Assorted Chocolate Gift Basket:

Gift Baskets are the best gift option from Choco Fantasy.  They are 100 grams in weight but you can also customize it with the price varying accordingly. Buy it as a gift for others and for yourself as well.

The packaging is out of this world and it just makes it more accurate as a “basket”. Our aim is to do justice to every product’s name, so here at Choco Fantasy, you get the most limited edition gift products at the most considerate price.

Both milk and dark chocolates wrapped in attractive shiny foil wrappers are weighed and included in the basket, giving it a varied taste.

You can et two variants of this product.

Assorted Chocolate Gift Hamper:

The chocolates come in different shapes like rose, square, circular and the packaging is lustrous and attractive done with safe and shiny foil wrappers. The gift bag is made of glitter that provides the ideal visual treat for consumers.

Layered Chocolates:

These dual-layered fantasies are an out of the box creation that provides you with two sumptuous flavors like orange and dark, or white chocolate and milk chocolate at the same time. We often make three different layers of three different flavors for this product that guarantees 100% contentment.

They also launched some gift items in our corporate gift item section. These gift items are...

Short Glass Candle:

Short glass candles are available in the different aromas like dewberry, green apple, marina, and many more.

Jar Candles:

Jar candles are available in the different aromas like green apple and marinda.

Pillar Candle:

Pillar candles are available in different aroma like dewberry and marinda.


potpourri has a huge demand during the festive season. 

So, in the end, I just want to state that Chocofantasy makes 100 percent veg, chemical-free, and organic handcrafted chocolates. Customers can get a wide range of chocolate gift products.

Even we can customize according to customers' requirements & budget. Vivid new chocolate boxes are available in warm colors and attractive packaging.

We have dark chocolates no matter mild, strong, and sugar-free. We have milk chocolates and different flavored chocolates too.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Tahira Sarkar

Tel: 090512 47784

Email: [email protected]

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