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Conversational Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

Press Release: March 03, 2021

The future of marketing technology using AI-enabled chatbots in the Real Estate Industry

WotNot organized a power-packed Webinar on 24th February 2021 attended by the real estate industry professionals where the discussion was around the ongoing challenges faced by the real estate industry and how conversational marketing can aid with real estate pain points. 

Are realtors really embracing marketing technology at the rate they should? “Conversational marketing is an opportunity for realtors to go beyond the norms of traditional marketing,” says Peter Dayot, founder at Real Living Productions. Conversational marketing has been around for a while, but it is a largely unexplored territory in the real estate industry. It can completely automate mundane tasks and schedule property visits using instant messaging techniques. 

“Quick response on the website is the key to retaining website visitors and converting them into leads.” Till now, forms were a popular mode of lead generation on websites, but they lack the interactive element. Conversational marketing allows you to be more personal by talking with the prospect in their preferred language and even dialect.” added Matt Bonestroo, founder at Phoenix Mobile Homes. The webinar also covered the challenges pertaining to technology in real estate, what to look for in conversational marketing tools, and how exactly conversational marketing can help property lead generation and qualification.  

“Whether a buyer is looking for a mobile home or a $4 million home, homebuyers genuinely just want a place they can call home. Conversational marketing is for everyone and all about how you communicate well with your audience”. The webinar reflects how conversational marketing can change the home buying experience on the internet with chatbots sharing property information, 24-7 customer service, and scheduling site visits. The webinar was an insightful experience for our viewers belonging to the real estate industry. You can check out the webinar on YouTube and get started with conversational marketing using WotNot


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