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Controla Gives The Google AdWords Training Course

Press Release: May 28, 2015

Controla is delighted to present the Google AdWords training course to all the individuals, groups and companies who are eager to learn this strategy. Having the required knowledge in this strategy will help its users in their online marketing campaign.

The Google AdWords is a distinct way of connecting to the online users that are active in looking for the related information regarding the services and products offered by the retailer or service provider. In addition, it direct too the targeted online users to their website. The good grasp and application of Google AdWords helps in cutting down the advertising budget.

The one-day training course that the learners will undergo will enable them to be familiarise with the following actions: determine the needed and appropriate keywords, develop effective and interesting ad copy, split test the adverts, set the campaigns based on locations, monitor the results, and assess the return of investment to name some.

The content of the training course will cover the background (Adwords history, Google overview, search and content Network, and difference of sponsored and organic links), set up (account creation, maxium CPC, daily budget, account creation, payment methods, billing cycle), audience (country, region, city, language, and customised), structure (campaign setting, ad groups, and set-up and edit account), policies (copyrights, product, link, editorial, and trademark), tools (Ads Diagnostic tool, Traffic Estimator, and keyword help), ad text, keywords, and landing pages.

The people who will undergo the training course will have the Google AdWords book, email and phone assistance. These three learning aids are provided free of charge. Avail of the Google AdWords training course from Controla. For additional information, more question, and other inquiries, get in touch through the contact number or check the website.

Controla is the brainchild of Mr Alex Shaw. He has close to two decades of experience ranging in the website and print design. He has acquired the needed expertise to provide support to various people who is eager to possess the knowledge of various computer-related skills. He has a broad range of adept experience and proficiency in Adobe programs, Dreamweaver, HTML, Search Engine Optimisation, CSS, and other important tools. He gives the training courses by the means of the convenient private tutorial. Furthermore, he gives email marketing, print services, and web services. He has already catered to various individuals, companies, and groups. For those who like to talk to them, you may contact him via the number +44(0) 20 7193 6705.


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