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ContributeShopping.com launches charity shopping portal in the United Kingdom

Press Release: March 10, 2010

www.ContributeShopping.com, the shopping portal dedicated to helping people get clean water, today announced the official launch in the United Kingdom. ContributeShopping.com is driving support for its mission by collaborating with foundations focused on clean water initiatives.

Today, more than one out of six people in the world lack access to safe drinking water, namely 1.1 billion people, and more than two out of six lack adequate sanitation (Estimation for 2002, by the WHO/UNICEF JMP, 2004). 3900 children die every day from water borne diseases (WHO 2004).

By shopping at ContributeShopping.com, customers can be part of a unique opportunity to help make a difference through their everyday online purchases. Shopping at ContributeShopping.com is easy and there is no additional cost. ContributeShopping.com simply sets up a connection for you to use the online stores' sites in the same way you would if you accessed their site directly. However, Contribute collects a commission from the retailer on your purchase, which then allows a contribution to charity to be made for every purchase.

Contribute, first launched in Sweden during 2009, is a brand developed to engage consumer power in the fight against water shortage in Africa.

To get involved, visit www.contributeshopping.com and start shopping. When water projects are completed, Contribute will update the web page with photos and news from communities where wells have been built, and lives have been changed.

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