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Consverge Announces Amar Rajani, Jeremy Davies and John Chase as Co-Lead Investors and Appoints them to Advisory Board

Press Release: May 10, 2021

Consverge is pleased to announce Amar Rajani, Jeremy Davies and John Chase as co-lead investors of its latest investment round, and will also join the Consverge Advisory Board with immediate effect. 

Consverge unlocks the potential of Human Insight by streamlining and simplifying primary research sourcing by providing its clients with better access to, and results from global “Expert Networks'' and Independent Analysts through its technology-driven platform.
This exciting development underlines the importance of the industry as a whole ($1.5bn annually) and also the desire from clients for greater efficacy and scope in their searches. Consverge will use the capital to expand its workforce and invest in technology.
Amar Rajani is the founder and managing director of Argella Limited, a company that provides specialist consulting services to FinTech, SaaS, and data businesses. Prior to this, he spent 17 years at Bloomberg LP as the Global Product Manager for the research management business. 
Kumardeep Kharga, co-founder of Consverge, said: “Amar is a highly experienced research technology professional, with tremendous experience in this space. He has built products that connect people with research and was quick to recognize the opportunity that Consverge brings to unlocking the Expert Network Ecosystem.”  

Amar is enthusiastic about bringing his niche expertise in developing research, businesses, and products, to the Consverge team. 

He said: “Consverge is looking to change the Expert Network Ecosystem in the same way online financial research evolved in the early 1990s. The Expert Network industry has largely been untouched during this same period with providers of expert networks working in isolation and without the benefit of a platform can serve and benefit the entire industry.”
Jeremy Davies is an experienced non-exec and advisory member on the board of several large companies and has significantly contributed to the private equity and hedge fund industry during his career. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of RSRCHXchange where he built the foremost investment research platform, raised VC money, and also managed a successful trade sale of the business.
Niraj Manek, co-founder of Consverge, added: “We are delighted to welcome Jeremy’s highly experienced financial repertoire to advise Consverge through its future growth phases. His combined domain expertise in the research & content delivery segments will be valuable in giving rise to potential and exciting opportunities and strengthening Consverge’s commitment as a trusted Expert Network and independent research aggregator in the industry.”  
John Chase is currently serving variously as Chair, Non-Exec, and Advisory Board Member across multiple industries internationally. Utilizing 20 years of investment banking experience advising top-tier companies on fundraising, risk management, and M&A, John is now helping companies design and implement successful strategies to scale, consolidate, and ultimately monetize their full potential.
Kumardeep Kharga, co-founder of Consverge, said: “John will assist with Consverge’s future fundraising and optimal capital structure endeavours as well as the development of strategic relationships with key clients and partners. John’s extensive network and the broad advisory background will be invaluable to Consverge as we scale our business Globally”.
About Consverge:
CONSVERGE is an Expert Network and Research Insight Aggregator platform that combines an unified experience with a design-led AI system to curate valuable business intelligence.
Consverge Limited operates globally with offices in London (UK), and Mumbai (India). 
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