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Consumer Trends that Influence Animated Explainer Video Production

Press Release: December 09, 2015

For marketers who look for ways to instantly connect with target audience and tell about their products/services and brands at a single go there’s good news. Amazing animated explainer videos are just for you! With technology advancing in leaps and bounds day by day, business is not too far behind. If you as a company as willing to invest in video production you would want to see results too. Not just roping in an audience, an explainer is supposed to grab them too.

We put together and brought for you some interesting consumer trends that can both affect and influence an animated explainer video production. It’s better if you know them now as these trends are going to change the way a business runs in a few years from now.

- Visual Medium

It’s a scientifically proven fact; the attention span of humans is shorter than that of a goldfish. So how do you successfully get someone’s attention? Amidst all the marketing clutter? A tailored, well-made marketing video is a great way of getting where you want to be. Information that’s visual-based travels to the brain 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information that we retain is visual. Want to give out information about your product/service? Want to sell your brand to your target audience? Go for live-action, go for animated explainer videos - the sky is the limit with video production.

- Be Real. Be You

Being authentic keeps you in the game. Homogeneity is everywhere and most of marketing gimmicks start and end there. All of this just adds to the clutter of noise. Try to be original and unique here because even if your product/service isn’t that original then at least the way you market it, probably with an impactful animated explainer video should be.

- Virtual Reality

Virtual world has changed the way we see everything. People are no longer satisfied with just pictures on a page, or just a video on the screen. A huge generation in the amount of apps and hardware sales that allows things to be actually seen virtually with captures the landscape. Consumers will connect to your products in real time; they will interact with them.

With this kind of speedy advancement in the virtual world, at some point your animated explainer video production will have to step up to higher levels. The point is you ready to take video production to the next century?

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