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Connected Systems Offers Managed IT Solutions That Cover All Business Needs!

Press Release: October 15, 2019

Connected Systems (https://www.connectedsystems.co.uk/) is a managed IT services provider committed to bridging the IT skills gap in various businesses today. With the comprehensive services offered by this company, it’s possible to make business operations much more effective and profitable.

Without much IT skills and knowledge, any business or organisation can suffer from negative consequences. These may include lower sales, lack of new products or services, and decreased customer engagement. And because Connected Systems is aware of all these things, they also know how to resolve them. This clearly shows in the valuable services they currently have on offer.

For interested clients, one effective way that the company can help with IT-related work is through their Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software. Once this is installed in the client’s devices, Connected Systems can provide maintenance and troubleshooting services when problems strike. Other features of the software include patch management, antivirus updating, integrated ticketing, and numerous others. According to the company, “Our RMM software also includes a full licence for Webroot AntiVirus software. Small companies are increasingly finding themselves the target of Cyber Attacks. Our software helps you protect your company from serious financial and reputational damage”.

Another way that Connected Systems shows their expertise in managed IT solutions is through IT outsourcing. Their team can create an IT support package that is tailored to every business need there is. This kind of offer is best for companies that don’t have their own IT departments or the time and resources to build one. With this IT outsourcing service, it’s easy for businesses to get the IT expertise they need plus they will have instant certified technicians to rely on whenever issues arise.

Aside from these, there are lots of other great things that the Connected Systems excels in. In fact, businesses can also rely on them for hosted phone business systems, software upgrades, server maintenance, email solutions, and so much more. And with their fixed priced IT solutions and personalised service, every client can expect to get their money’s worth and their business goals achieved. For more details, just head over to https://www.connectedsystems.co.uk/nottingham-it/.

About Connected Systems

Connected Systems specialises in helping businesses get the IT expertise they need for hassle-free operations. This local, friendly IT support expert can offer advice and consultancy service to help you determine the best IT solutions for your business. They also have other useful IT solutions such as VOIP phone systems, cloud computing, business fibre broadband, and more, all aimed to help in streamlining your business processes. If you’re interested to know more about this company, head over to their website at https://www.connectedsystems.co.uk/. For enquiries, you may call them on 0115 8813456 or send an email to sales@connectedsystems.co.uk.

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