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Confident with COVIDENT: Easy and comfortable COVID-19 Testing with COVIDENT Saliva antigen test

Press Release: February 01, 2021

Since the beginning of COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, different strategies for confident detection of the contagious persons and avoiding the spreading of the infections have been in action. 

But it seems, that it is not so easy to stop the COVID-19 pandemic snowball, which grows every day and already has over 103 Millions cases.

The PCR test mostly reliably detects the infection itself, but not whether someone is still contagious. But the contagion is the most important thing to detect in order to avoid the spreading and stop the COVID-19 pandemic snowball.

Even if the PCR seems to be reliable, but the high price, as also the necessity of special storage requirements, professional personal, additional laboratory equipment, coupled with the long processing time, leads even in countries with the stable economic and good developed healthcare systems to the overload. At the end, the result of the PCR test are available days and in some cases even weeks after the specimen collection.

Should the tested persons be contagious during the specimen collection,  the results come too late. Theoretically and also practically a lot of their contacts during this time could be infected too.

Antigen rapid tests could make a significant contribution to relieving laboratories, as they provide a result while still in the doctor's office or clinic. Then you know: this person is contagious to others now or not.

But as any test, PCR- or antigen rapid test is only as good as the samples taken with the swab from the throat or nose. And it means the additional efforts and time for the medial professional personal. Therefore, such tests cannot simply be taken every morning at home or at work or at school. 

Even if the samples were taken with the swab from throat and nose by the professionals, but besides the discomforts to the patient, it can result in nosebleeds or the urge to sneeze. In some cases, like the coagulopathy, anticoagulant therapy or significant septum deviation, it is not applicable at all.

„There were too many „BUTs“, which made the previous testing methods and based on them strategy to avoid the spreading of the COVID-19 not really confident. Such issues helped us to think further and develop COVIDENT Antigen Rapid test, which allows easy and comfortable testing with saliva“- Dmitry Permiakov, CTO of the German based firm European Health & Fitness Company GmbH, says. 
„The unique features and the quality of the COVIDENT test are highly appreciated by the end customers as also our business partners. The sales agencies, general importers and wholesalers from all over the world contacting us in order to solve the demand in their countries, and we are glad to cover it with our existing capacities. Moreover, we are ready to share our knowledge and to provide also the service for quick set up for so-called licensed fast production lines, which allows our customers to produce our tests directly in their countries and regions“- he adds.

„Our customers appreciate that our tests works also with the newest mutation of the COVID-19 virus. Moreover, our test helps people to evaluate the contagion even after vaccination. We are glad also, that the improved saliva and easy-to-use features of COVIDENT test can help with early detection of contagious persons and can reduce significantly the spreading risk all over the world, making all of us more confident“

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