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Confident Talkers - Conversations for Early Years

Press Release: May 19, 2015

Laura Henry will publish a new conversation card deck to help educators, teachers and parents start conversations with young children.
Laura Henry, an international award-winning Early Childhood trainer and consultant, will write Confident Talkers - Conversations for Early Years. The cards will give prompts to start meaningful conversations with young children.
I am delighted to be working with Laura to bring her expert knowledge and experience to Fink, Confident Talkers will be a valuable resource to support those working with children. I know that these cards will be unique and be welcomed in the sector.
Laura says "Starting meaningful conversations is a challenge for some educators, we know that children's communication and language is an essential skill for their Early Years and beyond. Confident Talkers - Conversations for Early Years will support children with their communication and language and personal, social and emotional development.
This resource will compliment the work that educators and teachers already do with young children within their settings. They can also be used by parents at home.
Confident Talkers - Conversations for Early Years will provide prompts to help children verbalise their thoughts and feelings with their peers and key adults in their lives. The pack will feature 48 question cards to start conversations that will introduce new words and concepts and help children to develop active listening skills.
The card will be published in June 2015 and will available from all good book shops and are available to pre order from www.finkcards.com saving 10% discount on the RRP £14.99
To find out more about Laura, you can visit www.finkcards.com or alternatively visit her website http://www.laurahenryconsultancy.com/
Confident Talkers - Conversations for Early Years ISBN :978-1-909002-35-7

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